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Paul Ibbotson
County Dublin
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About Acara Concepts Ltd Ireland

Acara Concepts Ltd is a distributor of natural, sustainable and very effective thermal and acoustic insulation products throughout Ireland and the UK. Please contact us for your local stockist and no-obligation and friendly advice.

PhoneStar is a very versatile, proven, award winning sound insulation product suitable for use on walls, floors and ceilings and is only 15mm thick. The CE marked soundproofing board is made from natural and sustainable materials and has been awarded ‘Outstanding Innovative Achievement’ for a construction product. PhoneStar was previously known as Phonewell.

Acara Concepts Ltd Ireland Image
Acara Concepts Ltd Ireland Image

The unique and unrivalled PhoneStar acoustic insulation board exceeds the new stringent Building Regulations for Sound in Ireland (effective since 1 July 2015), when used as part of a simple structure. It significantly reduces both airborne sound, such as television or talking noise between rooms, and impact sound, such as footstep noise heard overhead. The PhoneStar soundproofing board on its own has been certified to reduce Airborne Sound by a very high 36 Decibels (Rw, Ctr = -4) and it reduces Impact Sound by a very significant 21dB (ΔLw) when laid on the industry standard concrete test floor. This product is ideal to reduce noise from neighbours, as well as to reduce noise within one's own home. It is also very popular for home cinemas, music rooms, recording studios, schools, consultants’ rooms and offices.

PhoneStar can be fitted to new and existing properties, both domestic and commercial, and it is very easy to install. 

Pavatex Wood Fibre thermal insulation softboards provide high thermal resistance in roofs, walls, floors and attics in both masonry and timber frame constructions.

Acara Concepts Ltd Ireland Image
Acara Concepts Ltd Ireland Image

These breathable, sustainable and natural wood fibre insulation boards allow water vapour and water droplets to transfer through them effectively so that condensation, mould growth and humidity will not be a problem in buildings, and this in turn makes the building healthier and should reduce the risk of allergies and asthma. 

Pavatex Wood Fibre thermal insulation products have a higher density than conventional insulation, and this coupled with their high Specific Heat Capacity, means that they protect properties from extremes of temperature all year round. This thermal mass property means that the heat is stored in the roof and walls during the day and is gradually released into the building during the night as it cools. This is particularly important in lightweight structures e.g. timber frame buildings and in converted attics. In addition, airborne and impact sound insulation are enhanced in the building due to the density of the boards.

Common Applications
Pavatex Diffutherm is an external water resistant wall insulation board that can be rendered to directly with diffusion open renders e.g. lime or clay renders. This External Wall Insulation (EWI) eliminates thermal bridging. Pavadentro and Pavadry are the equivalent products for the inside of exterior walls where EWI is not possible e.g. on period or historic homes which have a unique external appearance.

Pavatex Isolair and Pavatherm-Plus are breathable sarking boards which are used either above the roof rafters or as external wall insulation behind a ventilated façade and provide excellent insulation as well as thermal mass properties in order to stabilize the temperature day and night, winter and summer.  

Pavatherm is a universal wood fibre insulation board for placing on the inside of buildings e.g. below roof rafters or in the attic space. 

Pavaflex is a flexible wood fibre insulation batt suitable for snugly fitting between studs, joists and rafters. It will also help to reduce airborne noise through the structure.

Acara Concepts also distributes the Lignotrend range of sound absorption and reverberation panels for room acoustics. 

These very high quality, sustainable, NaturePlus certified products are made from silver fir or spruce timber slats with a wood fibre backing as the absorption layer. 

Acara Concepts Ltd Ireland Image
Acara Concepts Ltd Ireland Image

The specially engineered structure is excellent at absorbing sound and reducing echo, so that speech clarity is improved and background noise levels are reduced within a room (co-efficient of absorption αw up to 0.75). These finished boards are aesthetically pleasing and offer a very contemporary look, and are popular in schools, sports halls, conference rooms and theatres.



Pavatex Wood Fibre Thermal Insulation shown on Grand Designs

Grand Designs featured a nautical themed timber framed house in East Sussex where Pavatex wood fibre thermal insulation was used extensively. Pavatex wood fibre was chosen by architect Ben Hebblethwaite because it is breathable, it is natural and it reduces the occurrence of summertime overheating in timber frame buildings.
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PhoneStar Soundproofing Acoustic Insulation for Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Pavatex Wood Fibre Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for Walls, Roofs and Attics

Lignotrend Acoustic Absorption Panels to reduce Reverberation

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