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Kingston House,
Waterside Court, Neptune Close
County Kent
England UK

About Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd

Thousands of businesses trust Chicago Glass. Save up to 95% of replacement costs!
  • UK wide coverage with over 170 technicians available
  • Remove scratches, chips and etched graffiti
  • Customers in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and the Middle East

Why choose Chicago Glass?
  • Save you money - Replacing glass due to scratches or graffiti is expensive and unnecessary. We have developed a glass polishing system for taking scratches out of glass without distortion.
  • Tested and approved by Scientifics, BSI and SGS - We have also developed a polishing process for the removal of acid graffiti from glass.
  • Over 21 years' experience - Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd and our sister company, Glas.Weld Systems have been in the glass restoration business for over 21 years and have independent distribution in several European markets.

Call our team on 01634 735616 during office hours. For out of hours enquiries call our on-call mobile 07903 500237.

Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd ImageConstruction Glass Repairs
Chicago Glass has extensive experience of removing scratches on-site for many of the major construction companies and glass installers in the UK. Typical damage is caused by hard objects, such as plant or tool boxes being left on glass prior to installation or damage by tools, ladders or scaffolding during construction. Regularly, problems occur when the brick dust, labels or paint is being removed from glass or mirrored surfaces.

Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd ImageTransport Glass Repairs
Most graffiti is created using glass cutters, carbide probes or spark plugs. It is either random swirling scratches over a large area or is concentrated to show words (some of which are offensive), symbols or letters - football club initials for example, or gang tags.

Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd ImageRetail, Shopfronts and Commercial
The most common problem with glass in-situ is caused by graffiti etched into the surface by vandals using glasscutters, carbide probes or spark plugs. It is either random swirling scratches or is concentrated to show words (some of which are offensive), symbols or letters - football club initials, or gang tags for example.

Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd ImageResidential
Any scratches caused to glass surfaces in the home can be rectified by Chicago Glass technicians. It is only cost effective where the cost of replacement is high, but in conservatories, or where added value (such as etched glass) has been used, the service can be very cost effective. Because the process does not cause any distortion, scratched glass and mirrors can be restored to an ´as new´ condition.

Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd ImageGraffiti Removal
Graffiti unfortunatley spread into Europe during the '80s and continues to be a problem today. As companies become more responsive to the standard paint graffiti, the vandlism has changed to introduce more permanent methods such as etching on glass.

Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd ImageGlass Processing
Chicago Glass distortion-free polishing equipment is available for glass processors to use in-house to restore, as new, glass that has been scratched during production, handling or finishing - thus avoiding wastage of added value glass and reducing scrap ratios.
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