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DaiGon Geothermal Heat Pumps

We have over 27 years experience in the heating industry and have carried out work in all types of heating systems.

The principle of the DaiGon underfloor heating system is to turn the whole floor area into a low temperature heating panel. With DaiGon underfloor heating, the heat input to the building is carefully controlled. A sensor mounted on the exterior wall of the building detects the outside temperature and this is used to regulate the water temperature in the system.

For instance, during a sudden cold spell, even before the room starts to feel cold, the underfloor heating comes on to compensate for the heat loss that the building is experiencing. The floor surface temperature will need to be only 2 or 3 degrees Celcius above the average room temperature for most of the heating season.

Every aspect of the products reveals professional workmanship and technological advances. In addition, DaiGon heat pumps use the environmentally - friendly, chlorine - free safety refrigerant R407C. This will be the refrigerant for the coming decade: it is chlorine - free, ozone and environmentally friendly and operationally safe.

Standard Stats
The underfloor heating is controlled by a multi-stat system. Each room will have a locally adjusted wall mounted thermostat in order to control the room temperature to the desired level. In the case of a domestic house the main living area and bedroom area will have a separate master controller which can be programmed to different temperature levels at various times of day or night with a handy over-ride button.

Euromiser Sensor Controls
The underfloor heating is controlled by a state of the art Euromiser Plus which can control up to 7 zones giving independent time and temperature for each zone. The Euromiser has optimisation where it will automatically calculate the amount of preheat required for the building to be at a temperature for the start of the programmed switching time. An over-ride facility is used to over-ride the Euromiser to allow for unscheduled operation of the heating system. To enable you to identify a zone easier you are able to program a title for each zone, for example: Kitchen, Living room. The Euromiser has 4 switching times per day.

P.R.T. (Programmable Room Thermostat)
This underfloor heating control box can control up to 8 zones, meaning that we will locate a programmable room thermostat (P.R.T.) in each room. The thermostats gain their power from the underfloor heating control board allowing the thermostats to be wired in low voltage cable therefore reducing installation costs significantly.

The master Controller for this system is known as the control key pad, the control key pad can control up to 16 P.R.T.'s. The master controller can be equipped with a security code to prevent unauthorised tampering of the P.R.T.'s settings.

The user can remotely program the comfort levels of all networked thermostats from one central point.

A forced air system heats the room from the ceiling down, suffering big losses.

The holiday function allows the user to program a holiday setting. During this period the frost protection level is maintained. Each room can be assigned a name. This function allows you to easily identify each P.R.T on the network. To simplify the programming of the P.R.T.'s, you are able to copy the comfort level programme from one P.R.T. to another.

Finally a phone box can be implemented for a phone up system, when activated any of the P.R.T.'s can be controlled through this phone up system. For example if you leave the system on setback 12˚c when going on holiday and by phoning in the day before returning, you can remove the setback and the system will return to its original settings, this way the house will feel comfortable on your return.
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