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John Carlon
59 Oakenshaw Lane

About Cromwell Wood Estate Company Limited

Cromwell Wood Estate Company Ltd has been involved in the development of land and assets since 2002. The MD and Principal Engineer have over 30 years of working experience with clients on all aspects of land development, mineral ownership, waste management, brownfield regeneration and construction, to deliver unique solutions. The company advises on:
  • Planning applications and project management of specialist consultants for housing, self-build, land improvement, quarrying, mining, waste management, regeneration and commercial development
  • Brownfield regeneration including phase 1 risk assessments, phase 2 site investigation, remediation strategies and supervision of, and validation of, the work on completion
  • Environmental monitoring of ground gas and water on former mine sites, landfill sites and contaminated land, to ensure compliance and assess the background environmental conditions
  • Permit Applications for Waste Management, Recycling, Recovery and the Reclamation of land
  • Health and Safety Audits and Geotechnical Assessments for Quarries, Mines, Waste Sites and Construction Projects involving Earthworks
  • Design of Quarries and Mines for a wide range of mineral products worked in the UK, specialising in building stone quarries and brick earth as we have worked closely with the major providers of stone and bricks in England for over 30 years
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments, other mining and ground condition risk assessments for the development of land, and the design of foundations and ground investigation
  • Project managing earthworks, construction and mining projects, for a wide range of clients
  • Asset and Reserve Evaluation, Valuation of Minerals and Waste Asset.
  • Environmental Monitoring & Impact Assessments
  • Project Management for Construction
  • Planning for Remediation and Earthworks
  • Waste Resource Management
  • Ground Engineering
  • Coal & Other Mining Risk Assessments
  • Site Investigation
Project Management
Over the past 15 years our engineers have worked on some interesting projects in coal, copper, gold and industrial minerals. In Australia our Principal Mining Engineer managed the installation of a 12 km conveyor with assistance of three site managers and skilled blue collar workers on the earthworks, drainage and concrete works for a period of 8 months and then de-mobilised the site.

The expertise gained on large mining projects is now used on earthworks for residential and commercial development in the UK using a number of methods of using inert waste for engineering projects through CL:AIRE DoWCoP or Recovery of Waste.


  • Land
    Cromwell Wood Estate Company Limited specialise in Land Surveying using a number of techniques for a wide range of projects. The accurate representation of features on the ground and levels are paramount to getting the project right from the start. All the design work for development, site investigation and earthworks is prepared using a land survey and then the layout can be designed from the information presented.

  • Mineral
    The survey of mines and minerals is a specialist subject, recognised throughout the world by the mining industry as requiring a certificate of competence to work in an environment that is alien to many people. Knowledge of mining provides expertise on risk assessments on ground conditions in the UK as most of the country has been mined in the past for coal, clay, stone, salt, silica sand or metals. Our surveyors are able to advise on the treatment of mine shafts and tunnels.

  • Building
    Cromwell Wood Estate Company Limited has a dedicated department that carries out partial and full building surveys on residential and commercial properties. Our Chartered Surveyors approach every survey on an individual basis, in accordance with your specific requirements whether it is asset condition or refurbishment. The survey team has become involved in the conversion of agricultural buildings for residential development.

  • Self Build
    Talk to our surveyors to assist you in project managing your self-build from ground up or refurbishment from the initial assessment of the buildings to the final sign off. Our surveyors are able to project manage the planning permission and construction of the property to your satisfaction and reduce the stress that a self-build client is likely to have if they try and do it alone. Our senior surveyor is aware of all the issues in a self build as he has project managed his own home.

  • Construction
    Our engineers are able to specify materials for remediation, earthworks and construction from their local knowledge of quarries and suppliers in the area.



Australia 2016

We have had an interesting time over the past three months, starting with a trip down under to complete some post contract business for a coal convey or installation and to assess the opportunities for the company in project management, planning and permitting work, environmental assessment and contaminated land projects.

The research was mainly in the South in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gippsland, Canberra and Sydney.

A number of large quarrying projects were visited in the southern New South Wales area. Brown coal projects in Victoria and black coal mines in and around the Hunter Valley and Kurri Kurri.

The mining industry has been hit hard by the commodities market and unfortunately there have been many layoffs in the mining industry apart from gold mining.

May be there is a lesson there for us all in exporting manufacturing to China and India so that our economies are so reliant on their growth which is reliant on our consumption of goods.

United Kingdom

Our staff have been involved in preparing planning applications, waste recovery schemes, environmental statements and reserve estimates for a number of clients involved with the construction sector.

Since returning to the UK, our principal engineer has been involved in coal mining risk assessments, contaminated land investigations and planning applications for minerals and waste.

Planning permission has been received for two dimension stone quarries and our staff are currently working on three more applications for hard rock and one for sand, which should be completed by June 2016.

Two planning applications are being prepared for 2 limestone quarries which are in the early stages of design.

After all the rain, the weather finally seems to be agreeable for engineers and surveyors to carry out some site work so our staff are keen to be out on site collecting information for the planning work, site investigations and geotechnical assessments.

If you wish to enquire about the projects we are involved in please telephone the office or contact us through this website.
2015 – Another Successful Year

This year has been another successful year for the company as activity in the construction industry has grown.

We are currently working on 4 planning applications for aggregates, industrial minerals and building stone for minerals to supply the construction sector, mainly housing and commercial development in West Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Applications that have received planning permissions this year have been for extensions to two building stone quarries, a new permission for a flag quarry and planning permission for a 1.2 million tonne extension to a limestone quarry.

The waste sector is going through the transition of disposal to recovery and our engineers have designed recovery schemes for recovery and recycling materials and have obtained permits for two restoration schemes for using recovered inert waste for quarries with some recycling of hard construction waste for sale. We are currently awaiting advice on whether the Environment Agency deem the restoration of the quarries as recovery. Due to the Government cut backs the time scale for determination is taking up to 6 weeks longer.

With the development of brownfield land our engineers are assisting architects on contamination issues, mine workings and coal mining risk assessments.

This year the company have completed 35 coal mining risk assessments in all the former coalfields apart from Kent. As our mining engineer has worked in the coal industry the company has first hand experience of the techniques used to mitigate subsidence at the mines.

We have been able to complete the validation of 3 new housing sites that were mothballed in 2008 and were started in 2013. The progress on site has been recorded to provide verification that a housing site has been remediated and gardens and open space are not a risk to the environment.

As regards sustainability, we are currently project managing refurbishment of former industrial buildings for housing with the client which is both rewarding and a learning experience for our engineers on the day to day issues that can arise.

Finally, the company on behalf of a client have received planning permission for 15 houses in West Yorkshire which is the culmination of 5 years work. The site is to be placed on the market in the new year and further information can be obtained by contacting the company.

John Carlon
Building on Success

It has been a good year so far for the company with successful planning applications approved for extensions to 2 quarries, the approval of recovery schemes for 4 quarries and planning permissions granted for 2 housing projects. We are continuing with approvals by the Coal Authority of the coal mining risk assessments prepared by our mining engineers and this year have provided reports on the Yorkshire, Scottish, Welsh, Derbyshire and Leicestershire coal fields using our own archives and mine records.

Currently we are instructed on planning applications for 3 quarries extracting building stone in the north of England and hope to achieve planning permissions by October 2015.

Our team are preparing reviews of old mining permissions for clients which worked with us on the first review fifteen years ago so we are proud of the continuity with long-term clients on these projects.

We have noticed an increase in workload for housing schemes and the remediation of brownfield land. We have received instruction in May for two housing projects for site investigation and contaminated land assessment and look forward to working with these new clients.
Landfill Monitoring

Environmental Permits
Posted on 21 May 2014 by John Carlon

We have recently assisted a client to transfer permits for a waste transfer station and recovery scheme to procure material and restore a quarry. Our engineers have project managed the scheme and advised on the environmental impact.

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