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Colin Jones (Rock Engineering) Limited

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Mr David Jones
Unit 11/11a
Penamser Industrial Estate
Porthmadog (NORTH WALES)
LL49 9NZ
Wales UK

About Colin Jones (Rock Engineering) Limited

We are a specialist Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Company based in North Wales, providing Geotechnical, Civil Engineering, Difficult Access and Blasting Services both locally and nationally.

Established by Colin Jones in 1972, Colin Jones (Rock Engineering) Ltd. have been providing specialist Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering services in the uk for over 38 years and are now at the forefront of the UK's Geotechnical and Civil Engineering sector.

Colin Jones (Rock Engineering) Ltd, are an accredited company, providing a range of services including Geotechnical Engineering, Rock and Slope Stabilisation, Blasting with Explosives, Landslide Repairs, Retaining Walls, Rope and Mechanical Access, Pressure Grouting, Gabion Suppliers and Installers.

Our Services Include...

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Landlside Repairs
The company repair & manage existing landslides. This can consist of temporary or long -term remediation works. Temporary repairs are often economically viable when there are road closures due to landslides and opening the road to traffic as soon as possible is paramount.

Temporary remediation measures such as clearing the debris and removing any precarious materials from the slope, by explosive blasting or excavation by hand or machine, with our experienced team is usually the initial treatment. Interlocking concrete blocks or fences can also be placed, until a permanent solution can be designed and funded.

Long term solutions can be all, or a combination of the following: soil nailing, ground anchors, geotextile netting, rock catch fencing, concrete beams, mini piled wall, reinforced concrete and stone clad retaining walls. Suitable slopes are often treated with hydro-seeding to encourage vegetation re generation.

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Rock Face / Slope Stabilisation
Colin Jones (Rock Engineering) Ltd. have been carrying out rock face stabilisation work for over 25 years, with many complicated and dangerous projects which have demanded a great deal of specialist knowlodege in rock movement patterns and expertise in such areas as:
  • Rock Anchoring- testing/restressing
  • Rock Bolt Installation
  • Landslide / Rock Fall Repairs
  • Mechanical anchoring systems ( such as Duckbill anchors)
  • Soil nailing
  • Water Monitoring Boreholes
  • Core Drilling
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Mini Pile Installation
  • Cintec Anchor Installers
  • Rock Dowel
  • Rock Bolt Installation
  • Rock Netting
  • Trimming with Explosives

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Bridge Work
  • Complete bridge re-building
  • Temporary bridge repairs
  • Temporary deck repairs
  • General repair work
  • Bridge and Culvert Repairs
  • Bridge and Culvert Replacements

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Retaining Wall
  • Retaining Wall Reconstruction
  • Retaining Wall Repairs

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Marine Works
  • Harbour Wall Repairs
  • Concrete Slip way Construction
  • Pontoon Sub-structures
  • Dam Repairs

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Blasting with Explosives
Colin Jones (Rockengineering) Ltd. have many years experience in this field. Founder Colin Jones was responsible for the design and explosives blasting of the first cooling tower demolition in the late 1960's.

The company has considerable experience in the use of explosives in all types of drilling and blasting work
  • Close proximity blasting
  • Bulk blasting
  • Pre-splitting
  • Trenching
  • Tunnelling
  • Demolition
  • Underwater blasting
  • Design Pyrothechnigs (Rock Cannons)
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