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Thistle Industrial Estate
Kerse Road

About Superglass Insulation Ltd

Superglass. Insulation with more bottle.

Scottish manufacturer Superglass has the answer to Britain’s 2.4 million tonnes of waste glass every year: turning it into extremely efficient building insulation. A leading name in glass mineral wool insulation, Superglass makes a wide range of products for floors, walls and roof spaces to help with sound-deadening, thermal performance and reducing energy bills.

Around 84% of this insulation is made from locally-sourced recycled glass – and through advanced manufacturing, Superglass actually saves over 300 times the amount of energy used in making and delivering it. With comprehensive support and flexible delivery, the company works more as a partner than a supplier too – a process they call Teamworks.

Superglass offers impressive product quality and consistency, together with a range of products and innovations to meet ever-changing regulations and environmental pressures. They're agile and highly responsive too – when you deal with Superglass, you’ll be in direct contact with decision makers – who like you, are keen to provide the right solutions for your business.

Superglass Products

Glass Mineral Wool - at the Heart of Every Superglass Product.

Made from a combination of recycled glass bottles and silicone heated to very high temperatures, the molten glass is spun and formed into a flexible fibrous mat that can be made into finished products.

Superglass products are manufactured to provide excellent thermal, acoustic and fire insulation in various applications.
  • Roofs
  • Wall – External
  • Wall – Internal
  • Floors
Superglass Applications

The right insulation in the right place. Whatever the structure, whatever you’re looking to achieve, Superglass has the product you need. Teamworks means we’ll work closely with you, using our expertise to make sure you also get the most effective solution for your building.
  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Floors
  • Park Homes/Caravans
Why Superglass?

In today’s highly-regulated construction industry, Superglass insulation is ideal – mainly because it’s able to meet ever-more testing demands easily.

Thermal Insulation
One of the material’s primary benefits is its ability to restrict heat transfer in a building, making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer to reduce the need for heating and cooling (and in turn, energy consumption and CO2 emissions).

Acoustic Insulation

By absorbing sound energy, glass mineral wool improves the acoustic performance of walls, floors and roofs and restricts noise transfer within a structure, between two buildings or to the outside world.

Fire Protection

Superglass products are classified as non-combustible with a Reaction to Fire Classification A1 when tested to BS EN 13501-1. Glass mineral wool provides in-built fire protection and effectively contributes to the fire safety of buildings.

Environmental Sustainability

Glass mineral wool not only saves energy in use, but also in its manufacture. It reduces heating and cooling requirements so efficiently, it saves many times the energy used in sourcing the raw materials, manufacture, distribution and installation. And as it’s made from up to 84% recycled glass, it reduces waste disposal and saves valuable resources – giving Superglass products a Generic BRE Green Guide rating of A+.

Customer Service

Not only does Superglass have a first-class product range and leading-edge manufacturing in place but, by forging close relationships with a nationwide network of merchants and distributors, they can deliver so much more. Our partnerships with our supply chain are key to providing a one-to-one level of service to specifiers and end users, a package that’s constantly reviewed and improved to meet their changing needs.


Products & Services

Superwhite Loft Blown

Superwhite 40

Multi Roll 44

Multi Roll 40

Timber Frame Party Wall Roll

Party Wall Roll

Multi Acoustic Roll

Acoustic Partition Roll

Cladding Mat 40

Cladding Mat 37

Cladding Mat 35

Cladding Mat 32

Multi Purpose Acoustic Slab

Timber & Rafter Batt 32

Timber & Rafter Batt 35

Timber & Rafter Batt 40

Timber & Rafter Roll 40

Timber & Rafter Roll 35

Timer & Rafter Roll 32

Superwall 32

Superwall 34

Superwall 36

Superwhite 34

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