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Ecologia Environmental Solutions

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01795 430 314
Dr Giacamo Maini
UK & Ireland

About Ecologia Environmental Solutions

Ecologia is an environmental consultancy/contractor. A highly skilled multi disciplinary workforce provides specialist advice and undertakes high quality site investigation and remediation projects. Our in-house team of qualified scientists, engineers, chemists and geologists has the broad range of expertise required to tackle a wide range of clients' environmental needs. To our clients this means that we are able to provide the most appropriate solution rather than pursuing a more standardised, less effective approach.


We provide services in the following areas:
  • Site Investigation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Land Remediation
  • Services to the insurance industry
  • Emergency Response
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Drilling Services

Ecologia Environmental Solutions ImageSite Investigation
If you are looking for the site investigation experts, you have come to just the right place! Ecologia is your best bet when it comes to your environmental needs. We have a large team of qualified in-house scientists, engineers, chemists and geologists who work hard to give you the best results.
Ecologia Environmental Solutions ImageRemediation
We are the land remediation experts. We offer you our comprehensive, innovative and efficient expertise in land remediation at an affordable price. A lot of our techniques do not even require excavation and these methods create less of an environmental impact, making it a much better and safer process altogether. Try us out and we are sure that you will not be disappointed! Please follow the link for more information on Land Remediation.
Ecologia Environmental Solutions ImageDrilling Services
At Ecologia, we give you the best drilling services available, with minimum site disturbance, which means that it will save you precious time and money. We also have trained, highly qualified geologists, environmental chemists, technicians and scientists to give you reliable data and reports. Trust us to meet all your needs, and you will see that you need not look any further.
Ecologia Environmental Solutions ImageGeotechnical Services
Can we be of a geotechnical service to you? Why not save money and combine environmental and geotechnical assessment into a single site investigation? Find out more by browsing through our easy to navigate pages. Our professional staff and experienced drilling crews can offer a high quality geotechnical service and provide advice on foundation design. Our drilling rigs are designed to carry out standard tests such as SPT/DPSH, but can also perform more sophisticated CPT/CPTU investigations generally required in more complex projects.
Ecologia Environmental Solutions ImageEmergency Response
When you are faced with the need to deal with an environmental incident it's good to know that a prompt response from Ecologia will manage the situation, limit damage and co-ordinate the clean-up process. In these events compliance with legislation is essential to a satisfactory outcome. As a UK Spill accredited response provider, our technical and legislative expertise will prove invaluable in bringing about a solution acceptable to all concerned.
Ecologia Environmental Solutions ImageServices to the Insurance Industry
Our work with several leading Loss Adjusters has developed out of our reputation for attention to detail, regard for the individual needs of our clients, and also our expertise in dealing with regulators and the public. With cross-European capability in this field, we are able to support insurers/loss adjuster dealing with everything from small, domestic incidents to large industrial-scale claims.

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