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Lighting Force Ltd

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Tills Courtyard
1 High Street
County East Sussex
TN33 0AE
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About Lighting Force Ltd

We act as interpreters between creative and technical teams, translating conceptual visions into practical packages for installation. In the right hands, light can complement, enhance and dramatise a space, inspiring those who occupy it; but while architects and interior designers know the effect they want, it takes a specialist to know how to achieve it.

Hospitality Lighting Design
Hospitality is a marriage of corporate and high-end residential design elements. The design must have the brand-stamp firmly embedded within it, yet make every guest feel they are at a home-away-from-home. We have worked with leading interior designers, architects and hotel groups internationally, to deliver effective lighting schemes that realise the design intent, while showcasing the brand and meeting international standards.

Residential Lighting Design
Good lighting design is essential to any building. Be it a refurbishment or a new build, the designs must be presented in the best possible way. Good lighting brings mundane spaces to life, while bad lighting makes the greatest architecture look banal. Employing an independent lighting designer is a very cost-effective way to maximise the value of architectural and interior designs.

Corporate premises are the embodiment of your company's image. The lighting needs to proclaim your brand, while illuminating the workspace efficiently, to provide a safe, comfortable and productive working environment. Corporate lighting design requires a variety of approaches to a wide range of areas with differing functions, from car parks through receptions and circulation areas, to offices and meeting rooms. The Lighting Designer's skill makes these areas work together, presenting a holistic design that projects a strong brand image.

We have successfully worked with retailers, helping them to project strong brand identities, which stand out from the competition. We wholly appreciate that it is your product going out of the door, which is of paramount importance. Blanket lighting-level techniques are inefficient and self-defeating in retail spaces. Imaginative lighting creates contrast and theatre, making your retail environment a desirable destination for customers. It also saves energy and maintenance costs.

Public Areas
From airports and railway stations to parks and urban environments, lighting has a multitude of responsibilities: safety and security in finding the way from A to B, while avoiding light pollution and creating a pleasing aesthetic.
Facades and monuments need contrast. Our well-balanced lighting designs emphasise features and textures, adding depth and fascination to the overall picture.

Exterior Lighting
Less is more when it comes to exterior lighting, be it for gardens, facades, car parks, or urban landscapes. Gardens, in particular, should be journeys from one point of interest to another, with a pause in between and lighting as the eye-catcher that keeps pulling the visitor onwards.

Everyone gains a deep sense of satisfaction from enhancing and rejuvenating a piece of our heritage. We apply modern lighting technology and techniques in a sympathetic way, to augment heritage buildings without compromising the historic atmosphere of the locations.

Energy Saving
With spiralling energy costs and exacting regulations on energy use, a key part of the lighting designer’s job is to navigate the regulations, creating a compliant, energy-efficient lighting scheme without sacrificing aesthetics and utility.

Boutique and Spa
We all enjoy being pampered - the well-being and bliss of a perfect environment that is 'all about you'. In that way the brief is so very crystal-clear, but successful implementation requires specialist skills, to create an environment that is focussed on its purpose, uniting the highly varied environments: wet, dry and transitional areas, seamlessly integrated with a bespoke lighting control system.

Working Methods
There are many ways that our clients can choose to utilise us:
  • Detailed 3D modelling and lighting calculations
  • Detailed presentations illustrating the concepts and luminaires
  • Full electrical schedule of luminaires, with datasheets
  • CAD, circuit diagrams and control philosophies
  • Simple modelling to 'prove' the design and ensure sufficient light levels
  • Emergency lighting calculations
  • Bespoke luminaire designs
  • Energy payback calculations
  • 'Short burst of input', concepts and direction in a quick workshop meeting
  • Problem solving, late-stage 'fixing', and value-engineering
  • Environmental impact assessments e.g. for bats
There are times when only a bespoke lighting feature will do. Then we get out the pencil and paper and ask: What is it for? What makes it special? What does it relate to? We started realising special lighting features for architects and designers 30 years ago and it's something that still lies at the very heart of our approach.

Reviews & Testimonials for Lighting Force Ltd

5 star review
October 11, 2018
Lighting Force Ltd is one of our preferred suppliers - they are very knowledgeable and friendly and help us deliver our projects on time and on budget.
Thank you!
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5 star review
August 24, 2018
Prompt response at all time, good knowledge base of product ranges and their uses. Great technical help and always willing to provide back up in all situations. Excellent customer service, we have used them soely for our high end requirements as our clients are very demanding and as such I would recommend these guys.
Testimonial by
Lighting Force Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.




Name Role Email Telephone
Mark Saunders Commercial Director 01702 415100
Ellie Howard Artistic Director 01424 239791
Jonathan Godwin Lighting Designer 01424 239793
Nick Cooke Lighting Designer 01424 239794

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Lighting Force Ltd. - Forever inspired by lighting, in our innovative lighting design we combine artistic flair with attention to detail. Experience complements skill, smoothing the design process for projects big and small, domestic and international
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