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Mr Ian Garden
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County Lancashire
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Our trade counter is open Monday-Friday.

About Quality Essential Distribution Ltd

Leading Security and CCTV Distributor

Specialists in Security Surveillance Solutions and Equipment Distribution.
Quality Essential Distribution was established in 1997 and we have built a strong reputation working within the construction sector.

We offer fast and effective solutions for the security and safety of people and property. Our product range is reliable, high quality and cost effective and we’re approved distributors for CCTV systems, access control management, network infrastructure, heat tracking and hygiene control systems, switches, cable, data cabinets and more.

Site protection
We recommend the NEXUS Fire Alert System which is specifically designed for construction sites. Nexus Fire Alert is specifically aimed at construction sites which, by law, must have a visual AND audible alert to fire.

"The protection of part builds and timber frames buildings in general was high on our list of priorities when we designed the Nexus Fire Alert system and these specially adapted heat and smoke detectors give all those concerned with construction site safety peace of mind."

Site Security Surveillance 24/7
The CCTV systems we offer are designed for the protection of construction sites with infra-red for night detection, alerts directly to your guards on site and are easy to install and maintain. External detection is more important than ever with site vandalism and burglary on the increase and we can help you find the perfect system to install to protect site equipment and people.

No power required
Wireless PIR detection systems are also available and are ideal for installation in void properties. You can also move to another site location as and when you need to.

Site Access
Site access control is extremely important we have all the security solutions you need for door, gate or turnstile access control enabling you to protect your site staff, visitors and give you security of mind.

In addition, the new Steriloc “touchless” hand sanitisation system can be simply installed and works standalone or it can link it with onsite access control.

Heat tracking and Thermal imaging
Handheld thermal imaging cameras can detect the temperature of anyone visiting the site before they enter. It enables you to scan everyone and give you an early warning and prevent the potential spread of COVID.

Contact the Quality Essential Distribution team for a bespoke consultation and access to Uniview Easy Range at trade prices on 01772 336 111, or via email at



The Impact of Red Diesel Tax on Construction Site Security

Major building companies are already facing challenges with regards to site security with the theft of equipment and machinery costing the industry over £800 million each year. In 2018 it was estimated that there were 120,000 fuel theft incidents alone. The industry is about to face further challenges with the Government recently announcing that from 1st April 2022, changes to the rebate on red diesel will come into effect causing major fuel price rises and increasing the risk of theft from construction sites of this increasingly valuable commodity. Scottish Plant, an online magazine for the Scottish construction industry went so far as to declare that ‘diesel theft will be the new growth industry’.

Red diesel is illegal for on-road vehicles as it is not currently taxed and can only be used in certain classification vehicles. It is dyed red to differentiate it from normal white diesel. Red diesel currently has a rebate of 47p per litre resulting in a duty rate of 11p per litre, whilst regular white diesel receives no rebate resulting in a duty rate of 58p per litre. On construction sites red diesel bowsers are a common sight as they fuel plant machinery such as bulldozers, excavators and cranes.

The proposed five fold increase will inevitably result in many sites storing larger quantities of red diesel ahead of the change. This will make fuel-heavy sites a particularly attractive target for thieves looking for opportunities at poorly secured sites. Post April, poorly secured sites will also suffer from opportunistic thieves looking for easy targets to steal regular white diesel.

One solution is to position an OCULi HD battery powered PIR with a built in camera to points overlooking the bowser. Upon detection of movement OCULi HD will provide rapid visual verification of the event which can be viewed in seconds via a mobile app or online portal. The new 4G version is fitted with a 5 megapixel camera, providing seven seconds of HD images upon detection. Users can also request more footage of an event activation. A solar conversion kit makes it viable to live stream images and manually arm/disarm, overriding the automatic arm schedule.

call us on 01772 336 111 or email for more information

Fire Alert - Perfect for Construction Sites

Around 40% (approximately 100,000) of all construction site fires are started deliberately. In line with HSG168 regulations all sites must now display a visual AND audible alert to fire. The ALERTEX fire system has been designed specifically for temporary and evolving sites and complies with HSE Fire Safety guidelines.

Quick and Easy to Install

Alertex units are delivered pre-programmed so once the batteries are inserted units can be screwed in place and the system is ready.

No Base Station or Interface

Unlike other systems, Alertex units are standalone meaning they do not need a base station, bridge or interface to communicate.

Unrivalled Transmission Range

Units can be placed up to 1km apart and the mesh protocol used means that even on the most challenging of sites, when one unit is triggered it will activate all other units in range.

Audibly Distinct

With an adjustable decibel level of up to 117 dB and 32 alarm sounds to choose from, each system can be configured to suit the requirements of the site. Alternatively, sounders can be replaced with annunciators allowing a bespoke message to be aired on activation.

Robust Design

External units have a durable IP66 weather-rated enclosure. For additional protection from falling debris, units can be fitted with external cages if required.

Connect Sites

Larger construction sites may have zones where evacuations are not necessary due to their proximity. Alertex programming allows users to set different site codes for these areas if required.

Protection for Part-Builds

The protection of part-builds from fire is always a concern on an evolving site. Alertex heat and smoke detectors will trigger Alertex alert points within a 100m range. Heat and smoke detectors have a 10-year battery life and will automatically power up when the detector is installed on a mounting plate.

An Intelligent System

If required you can add an IP masthead to the system which will give you access to the Alertex PC app designed to monitor and control units. It also allows for email alerts to be sent to key site management staff to give updates and further information on event activations.
QED launches a New Website and Dedicated Customer Portal

After many months of hard work from the team we are absolutely delighted to launch our new website.

Our primary goal during the development was to create a website with easy navigation and a dedicated customer portal where customers can quickly access information about their account activity.

The new customer portal or “My Account” area includes a company dashboard where customers can view all orders and status, quickly reorder, and even share baskets with team members before placing the order and the intelligent search function is superfast.

Catherine Seddon, QED’s Marketing Manager said “Right from the start we viewed this project from a customer’s perspective and spoke to customers to find out what would really help improve their online experience and make the buying process as easy as possible.

We also undertook research on best practice, not only by the security sector, but from websites across the world! We view this website as a shop window into our business and a portal where customers can manage their own activity 24/7. We can’t wait to hear what customers think.”

Matt Philp, QED’s Managing Director said “Today, more and more people shop online and we want our customers to have a good online experience. We lead busy lives and when visiting any website, it’s important to be able to quickly find what we want, add it to our basket and simply check-out.

Many employers are also introducing flexible working hours, especially over the last 18 months, and as a business introducing a 24/7 customer portal, customers can contact us whenever they want.

Finally, the new website reflects our “Good People” brand and I want to say thank you to the team for all their hard work over the past few months.”

We are all excited to share this with you and we hope you enjoy our new look!
How Using an IP Masthead Receiver makes the Reporting of Incidents Simpler

In this post COVID world, the requirement for intuitive IP connectivity is more important than ever. Genesis wireless and hard wired PIR detectors are widely used across the UK and Europe working with CCTV to protect a host of sites and properties. Adding an IP masthead receiver (LGIPMT434) gives the end-user or monitoring station a simple and transparent delivery of alerts. A wide range of additional functionality is immediately available enabling you to offer the best possible security solution to your end-user.

The IP masthead enables local plug-and-play connectivity to a wide range of popular NVRs and DVRs including Hikvision, Dahua and Concept Pro. Compatible with Immix software, the IP masthead allows the monitoring station to receive alerts for tampers (including cloaking), alarms, low battery and missing calls.

The transmission range of the weatherproof masthead is 1km line of sight which can be extended using an external aerial. Up to 64 units can report using the IP masthead including detectors, heat and smoke sensors, remote Genesis keypads and key fobs.

In the case of heat and smoke sensors, any activation will be reported via the IP masthead to the monitoring station to quickly establish the location of the event. When the Genesis keypad (LGKSQ) or key fob (LGKF4) are used to remotely arm or disarm a site this is also reported via the IP masthead so there is a clear audit trail.

For more information on Genesis IP connectivity options please contact or call us on 01772 336 111.
Burglars take advantage of darker nights – CCTV will deter them

The dark nights are creeping closer and more burglaries are being reported. The Halifax reported a 35% increase in claims for forced burglaries in the darker months of last year compared to summertime.

In fact, The Independent reported Aviva’s home insurance claims for theft rose by 115 per cent on Bonfire Night alone in 2018 compared with typical days, not least because so many of us leave our homes to attend parties.

We recommend contacting your customer and advising them to check windows and doors before leaving their homes or businesses and asking them to update or install CCTV security cameras as this is one of the best ways to deter burglars. Opportunistic burglars will be put off when they see cameras outside any home or business premises, and it will drive them away.

Construction sites are a prime target, make sure your customers sites are protected.

You will see footage on the news and social media of burglars being caught in the act because a CCTV system recorded them during a break in. And who wants to be caught on camera?

For some premises a wireless PIR system will be great, for example, in void properties and you can also install sensors or floodlights with motion detection.

If you want to protect your customers with reliable security solutions contact us today and we will have the perfect solution for any security install.
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