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National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC)

National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) Contact Details

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0207 822 7401
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12 Bridewell Place

About National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC)

The NASC is the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK, established in 1945 with the aim of promoting high standards of safety within the industry.

Nearly 80 years later, raising and maintaining safety standards remains at the heart of the NASC’s objectives – driving every activity it undertakes.

This includes the production of a wide range of industry-recognised safety and technical guidance, created to support the needs of scaffolding contractors, their operatives and clients, and accepted as the industry standard by HSE, Build UK, CITB and principal contractors alike.

The same approach is extended to new membership applications, with a stringent set of criteria in place to ensure that the highest working practices are maintained.

We currently have over 600 members, consisting of companies of all sizes, ranging from small contractors with under 10 operatives to firms operating nationwide with thousands of employees on the books.

Cumulatively, our members account for the vast majority of the UK’s scaffolding spend – with a total annual turnover in excess of £2 billion.

NASC members are strictly audited every year to ensure compliance with NASC Criteria, Code of Conduct and the Code of Practice for scaffolding products.

These high standards are recognised and valued by construction industry leaders, who continue to stipulate ‘NASC only’ companies for access and scaffolding.



Increasing Scaffolding Safety

The NASC Safety Report is where we publish all of our members' safety stats for the year – with key stage analysis.

The 2023 NASC Safety Report revealed the lowest Accident Incident Rate (AIR) & Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) since we began tracking data in 1975 – even with a 10% year-on-year rise in scaffolders surveyed, totaling 17,315 operatives – proving regulated, audited membership makes for safer scaffolding.

The report is a must-read for anyone in the scaffolding sector:
NASC Updates TG20:21 with Baseplate Guidelines for Scaffolding

NASC has today released a technical update to TG20:21, updating the guidance in line with current practices with baseplates. The update confirms the position on baseplate thickness for scaffolding and access systems across the UK.

The technical update is being made available to NASC members only and will shortly be available on the NASC ePortal. It confirms the correct use of 2mm, 3mm and 5mm baseplates in various situations. This is following professional testing by an accredited test centre.

Members can login here to access the official document:
Attention NASC Members: Optimize Your Company Profile for Maximum Impact

If you're a NASC member with a listed company profile, we've got a quick checklist that will help you optimise your profile for maximum impact.
Don't miss this opportunity to stand out in the crowd and secure lucrative opportunities!

Login Here:
NASC Clarifies PAYE Rules in Membership Charter, Emphasizing Quality Scaffolding

In response to your questions, NASC brings clarity on PAYE rules within our membership charter, effective Nov 23.

Our revised charter emphasises quality scaffolding over how members pay operatives. We've removed the PAYE requirement to allow greater flexibility while ensuring all operatives meet our standards.
TG20:21 Now on Sale

The NASC’s updated and expanded scaffolding compliance software is now on sale.

Through the TG20:21 eGuide, users can produce a wide range of standard scaffolding structures in a matter of minutes, without the need for bespoke design.

The latest version builds upon TG20:13, retaining its user-friendly look and feel, but includes a number of revisions to make the process of producing compliant scaffolding – in accordance with the European standard BS EN 12811 – even simpler and a wider range of scaffolding types to make the software even more useful.

These additions include exterior birdcages, tube and fitting mobile towers, tube and fitting loading bays without beams and tied independent scaffolds with three inside boards.

TG20 compliance sheets are now be double-sided with an illustration and principal compliance criteria on the front side and detailed compliance criteria listed on the reverse in landscape format.

Users can access TG20:21 – and the associated and updated Operational and Design guides – via a link from the NASC website using a unique serial number and login credentials.

The software is available on an annual subscription basis, costing NASC members £75 per eGuide per year and non-members £300 per eGuide subscription per year. To ensure the transition for existing users from TG20:13 to TG20:21 is as fair as possible, there is a short period of free use of the new software.

NASC President Lynn Way said: “We’re delighted to launch TG20:21. We’ve been working on this update for a number of years now and I’d like to thank every single person that has played a part in its creation.

“We’re confident that users of TG20:21 will recognise how we’ve taken the best parts of TG20:13, made it much better and easier to use but also kept the original mission statement in the front of our minds – creating a tool that scaffolding contractors can use to produce compliant layouts for day-to-day scaffolding and ensure their scaffolding projects are safe and conform to legal requirements.”

TG20:21 will be supported by a comprehensive maintenance and development agreement, ensuring updates and improvements are made on a regular basis.

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National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) General Description

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