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MCC Building Systems Ltd

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Mr John McCann
49 Cooley Rd
County County Tyrone
BT79 0SP

About MCC Building Systems Ltd

Manufacturing bespoke portable accommodation for a number of years, MCC Building Systems Ltd has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion during that time, tirelessly working to develop and modify their product range to meet the needs of a growing clientele from throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Why choose us?
  • Delivery within weeks of order
  • Plumbing, electrics and network cabling pre-fitted
  • High quality build and design
  • Wide range of size options
  • Serving throughout the UK and Ireland
MCC Building Systems Ltd have created an extensive range of jackleg accommodations that are often the most economical solution to a wide variety of space problems on a construction site. These portable cabins are perfect for construction site offices as each comes complete with four adjustable legs allowing it to be levelled easily and quickly on any ground surface.

We use off-site construction to provide a wide range of modular buildings that can be used in the healthcare industry for operating theatres, laboratories, diagnostic imaging facilities, wards, mortuaries, day surgery centres and treatment centres. Our in-house design team have the capability to provide a wide range of external finishes to ensure your new healthcare building matches the current structural environment. These range from your basic 600 sq foot sized structure to whatever size required by the client. Temporary buildings can be fitted out internally to facilitate any request.

For expanding schools, shifting location or acquiring new land is a difficult challenge. MCC Building Systems Ltd can help integrate new infrastructural facilities, enabling schools across Northern Ireland to promptly respond to constantly changing educational requirements. We offer a wide range of suitable portable temporary classrooms that can easily withstand extreme weather conditions, providing complete protection to students, teachers and other staff members.

Modular Buildings
With a highly professional approach, our family operated business custom designs, builds and installs a wide range of modular building units, meeting your precise requirements within a quick timeframe. All cabins and modular buildings by MCC Building Systems are designed to meet necessary building and fire regulations, and have a low U-value, reducing heat loss and energy wastage.

Whether you require a canteen, toilet block or extra office space, our modular buildings can be customised to your requirements. Internal walls can be removed allowing for a large office space, and likewise they can remain compartmentalised, ensuring privacy and storage considerations are met. These buildings come with networking lines, cabling, and lighting as standard ensuring minimal disruption. Contact us to arrange for modular buildings for your business premises or construction project.

Jackleg Cabins
Jackleg cabins are so named for their steel external legs. These enable the cabins to be stacked easily and placed on uneven ground securely - each leg can be adjusted for height to ensure a level placement. Our jackleg cabins are suitable for toilet blocks, small offices and clinics, store rooms, security cabins, and theoretically any application you deem suitable. Contact MCC Building Systems Ltd to arrange for your jackleg cabin to be delivered.

These instant accommodation units come complete with electrics, telephone/ data systems and plumbing meaning they are ready for immediate use, leaving installation of these cabins completed within hours of arrival on site. We deliver to businesses throughout Northern Ireland, and also cater to businesses in Ireland and the mainland UK.

Anti Vandal Cabins
These portable, insulated, prefabricated structures can be quickly set up anywhere, helping to save both time and expense. Moreover, we can customise these units to your specific needs. The steel shell provides extra security for storage where there may be risk of a break-in. Windows can be shuttered and fully locked, preventing unwanted access.

Our anti-vandal cabins be customised to meet almost any requirements for your business. From temporary waiting rooms to storage and office functions, your anti-vandal cabin will provide a secure and adaptable housing for your employees, equipment, visitors and guests.


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