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Scott Contracts Limited

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Mr Daniel Scott
The Old Clubhouse
20 Sandholes Road
County Tyrone
BT80 9AR

About Scott Contracts Limited

Our company has had experience of fitting food safe panels from 1985 and since then has built up a sizeable clientele with customers on both sides of the border. We have a wide range of experience in providing customers with advice on the planning and designing of layouts, whether small or large, specialising in food safe finishing.

Since 1985, we have seen expansion in the use of and demand for insulated panels and doors and know that we can meet customer demand. These customers process, pack, store and distribute meats, fish, bread, drinks, vegetables, milk, milk products and other foodstuffs.

Our panels and doors are sourced from reputable companies in Ireland, Great Britain and Europe. At Scott foldings we manufacture our own flashing which helps in the efficient completion of contract.


Panels are used for a variety of applications; chill store, cold stores, clean rooms, processing and packing areas. There are three main types of panel core which are used - polystyrene, polyurethane and rockwool (fire stop). All panels can have the variety of finishing foodsafe, PVC, G.R.P., plastisol, stainless steel, white foodsafe PVC is mainly used but different colours and readily available. Details on all panels and finishes are available on request, as are fire specifications and ratings. Panel lengths vary, depending on requirements for a particular job, but are available up to 1300mm long x 1200mm wide. Different thicknesses are also available 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm.


Doors are made to order from personal doors to large cold store doors, sliding or hinged. Finishing can be food grade white PVC, stainless steel or various colours to match the exterior of the building. G.R.P. doors with high food grade finish are also available.

All doors have press injected polyurethane. The following options are available on doors-vision panels, door closers, stainless steel or PVC kick plates, pull handles, push handle and panic bars for emergency escape doors.

Protection Bars

We also manufacture protection systems for panels and doors, normally from 180mm or 100mm round steel tube. These can be made from galvanized steel, stainless steel or have a painted finish. They are made to individual requirements. The protection of doors and panels, from forklifts and other equipment provides a longer life span and a tidier appearance to buildings.

Fire-resistant Panels

Fire panels have been developed over the past number of years, as demand has grown. Panels can vary in finishing and thickness depending on fire rating required (half hour - 3 hour fire rating available). Up to 12,000mm long is available. External finishing to match existing building and internal finishes to meet strict hygiene rules. Doors are fitted with auto close systems which are linked to fire alarms. Rockwool Core panels can also be used for noise reduction. We provide a full service from advice to installation along with any relevant test certificates required.

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