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Cardno Ltd

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Glenn Elms
Unit 19 Westbury Close
Townsend Farm Road
Houghton Regis
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About Cardno Ltd

Cardno manufactures securing, lifting and vehicle recovery equipment in Bedfordshire, UK.

We supply our own manufactured product ranges of equipment alongside leading brands. All of our manufactured goods are designed and developed by us in collaboration with our customers, specifically for practical use and compliance to the appropriate Legislation & Standards.

Our range includes: ratchet straps, tie-down straps, lifting chains, lifting round slings, lifting flat slings, winch ropes, Lodar winch controls, winching straps, PPE, hi-vis clothing, road hazard & fire safety, vehicle warning lighting.

Straps, Load Restraints & Tie Downs

Whether you are tying down or holding in place a box, trolley, beam, bike, car, truck or bus, we will have a solution for you. We manufacture, assemble and distribute webbing products, lashing chains & rope cables for this purpose.

The webbing we use in our own manufactured assemblies is UK made and our wide range of fittings is sourced from UK companies. Our ratchet polyester strap range is manufactured by us in the UK. Available in: 25mm (1T), 35mm (3T), 50mm (5T) and 75mm (10T).

All of our strap systems have been tested to destruction and come labelled with the minimum break and lashing capacity in accordance with EN 12195-2 Polyester.

Wire ropes & cables

Our wire rope cables are manufactured by us in 6mm to 10mm diameter. The rope we use is 6+IWRC, 36 wire strands, galvanised, right hand lay and tensile strength is 1960 N/mm2. The hook types are: alloy, alloy swivel, auto-locking & auto-locking swivel.

We can source & supply 11mm to 32mm to order.

Our rope assemblies, both in-house & external sourced, are fully certificated in accordance to BS EN 13411-3.

Lifting Chains & Lifting Slings

Our range of lifting slings is manufactured in the UK and all products come labelled with the minimum break and lashing capacity in accordance with EN 1492-2.

Slings are available in simplex, duplex & endless round with a tonnage from 1 to 12 tonnes subject to length and sling type. All slings are also certified & tested with a 7:1 safety factor.

Our lifting chain slings are primarily assembled in-house by us. We offer Grade 8 (G8) & Grade 10 (G10) chain assemblies, certificated in accordance to EN818-4, and Grade 80 (G80) & Grade 100 (G100) chain assemblies, fully tested & certificated and are supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity.

Hi-vis Safety Clothing & PPE

All of the hi-vis garments we offer are EN ISO 20471 and are labelled according to the class of this standard that they attain. Our range of hi-vis safety clothing is primarily Portwest® garments.

Cardno is an Authorised Distribution Partner of Giffard Newton & Sons Limited, who pride itself on being the oldest British safety footwear manufacturer. We offer 3 styles of safety boots from the Tuffking range.

Given the importance of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in so many sectors we are delighted to offer a range of JSP® industry developed products including - helmets (basic through to the latest EVO® range), protective eye-wear and ear-defenders.

Road Hazard & Fire Safety

Warning other road users of your presence when working roadside is key to safety, this is why Cardno recommends road signs and road cones.
Fire safety has just got better now Cardno is a reseller of Fire Safety Stick, the most compact and innovative extinguisher in the world.


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Lifting Chains

Lifting Slings

Wire Ropes & Cables

Lashing Straps

PPE - Safety Helmets & Boots

Hi-Vis Clothing

Blocks & Shackles

Road Hazard & Fire Safety

Tie-down Straps

Winching Controls & Straps

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