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10 Hog Hill Road
County Essex

About Collier Row Glass & Doors

As a company, we're changing to meet the growing needs of our customers, but our priorities always remain the same. offers customers the widest choice in design and innovation in oak interior and exterior wooden doors. With over 25 years of unsurpassed experience and our dedicated after sales support team, you'll have peace of mind that we will have the right products for your needs.

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Collier Row Glass & Doors ImageCollier Row Glass & Doors ImageCollier Row Glass & Doors ImageCollier Row Glass & Doors Image

Why Rockdoors?
If you choose a Rockdoor composite door you can be sure of the following. You are buying a door with reputation that is unsurpassed in its class, which is designed with your safety and security in mind. Nowhere else will you find a door that can rival a Rockdoor in terms of build quality, security and style! On average a door is opened and closed (sometimes slammed) up to 10 times a day, some 3,500 times a year making it important you make the right decision. A Rockdoor composite door has been designed to withstand this, and much more, giving you the ultimate in security, longevity and style.

Proven To Perform

When only the best is good enough This saying truly embodies what a Rockdoor composite door is all about. Design, build quality, security and attention to detail blend together in spectacular fashion to produce a truly stunning composite door, a door which keeps you safe and secure. Having produced over 200,000 composite doors, we have come to learn a thing or two at Rockdoor about making the perfect door, a door we’re proud to put our name to. In fact combined with our sister company, we have produced close to 2,000,000 composite doors in the last decade. All in all, a Rockdoor is for the seriously style conscious. Its striking good looks are as much a talking point as a top of the range car. But a Rockdoor composite door is not just all about aesthetics and luxury, it’s all about performance and style which adds considerable value to your home. Remember, it’s not just any old door you’re coming home to, it’s your Rockdoor.

Sleep soundly at night
As the world continues to evolve at breakneck speed, it’s comforting to know that there are some things you can genuinely rely upon. And one of these is your Rockdoor composite door. Disturbingly, one home in Britain is burgled every 37 seconds. By fitting Rockdoors front and back you can sleep soundly at night. Reassuringly strong and seriously secure, a high performance Rockdoor composite door is something you can rely on. It is manufactured using an innovative production process where nothing is left to chance.

Unique Inner Frame Rockdoor composite doors features a unique ‘inner frame’ which is specially designed to hold all the locking components. This makes it incredibly strong and virtually impossible to break down. In short, your Rockdoor composite door gives you maximum strength and minimum maintenance. Naturally, every single Rockdoor composite door that comes off the production line is meticulously tested to the most stringent industry standards.

Collier Row Glass & Doors Image

Collier Row Glass & Doors Image

Collier Row Glass & Doors Image
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