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Patrick Dallat
65 Market Street
County County Antrim
BT54 6DS
Northern Ireland

About Dallet group

Dallat Group is based in Ballycastle, County Antrim and delivers engineering solutions throughout Ireland. Dallat Group has been providing engineering services for over 15 years and has formed strategic partnerships with quality manufacturers such as Wayne Dalton, BFT, Cedar, Fratelli Comunello and many more. The group is headed by Peter Dallat who has a totally dedicated team of 12 staff ensuring that customers receive highquality services. With large engineering workshop in County Antrim engineering solutions are designed, built and delivered direct to customer locations throughout Ireland.

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Customers vary from individuals wishing to improve the security of their homes through fitting attractive metal railings or automating their existing gates or garage doors, through to property maintenance and development organisations. Dallat Group also carries out other kinds of engineering, an illustration of which is shown below:

Dallat Group specialises in producing high quality solutions for customers requiring electric gates, garage doors, railings, security and access systems (including key fob swipe systems) and has a large variety of spare parts which also includes replacement remote control handsets for automated garage doors. Dallat Group can automate your existing gates or garage doors so it may not be necessary to install a new system. All surveys are free of charge and Dallat Group is very happy to provide you with a no obligation quotations for your commercial premises development or home.

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Gates & Railings
With extensive experience in providing solutions involving both new and adaptation of existing gates for automation, Dallat Group are confident that we can provide an automatic gate system that meets your needs.
  • Swing Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Wooden Gates
  • Corporate Security
  • Staircases
  • Internal Stairs
  • External Stairs
  • Railings
  • Balconies
  • Retro-Fit
  • New Laminate Gate

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Garage Doors
Versatile Style, Dallat Group Quality
Dallat Group’s range of roller garage doors are designed to be safe and easy to operate. Doors open vertically and form a compact roll in the headroom above the door, allowing overhead and side wall storage space to be accessed.

The vertically opening door action does not kick-out, or operate within the garage, making roller doors ideal for short driveways or where cars are parked close to the door in or out of the garage. The door sits behind brickwork allowing any existing frame to be removed and drive-through access to be increased by up to 6''.
  • Sectional Doors
  • Roller Doors
  • Insulated Roller
  • Automation
  • Spare Parts

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Gate Automation
Hydraulic operator for the automation of swing leaf gates for residential use • compact shape • hydraulic torque limiter • key release (ORO mod.) • recommended control panel: ALCOR SD • Main specifications: supply 230V ± 10% 50Hz • power 240W • rod speed 12mm/sec • rod stroke 250mm • maximum torque 1500Nm • max leaf weight 2000N (~200 kg) • max leaf length 2500mm • Models available: ORO irreversible, ORO E reversible.
  • Hydraulic Operators
  • Electro Operators
  • Sliding Operators
  • Accessories
  • Service Plan

Gate fittings
  • Adjustable Hangers
  • Sliding Track
  • Sliding Wheels
  • Gate Stops

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Security systems
For commercial and industrial premises, BFT provide a wide range of traffic control barriers and automatic rising bollards to suit a variety of applications.
  • Security Barriers
  • Raising Bollard

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