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Michael Butters
Suite 12 Wansbeck Enterprise Centre
Lintonville Parkway
County Northumberland
NE63 9JZ

About Geomatics UK LTD

Providing an Engineering service to the Designer-Contractor

Geomet Surveys is one of the UK's foremost Land Surveying and Construction site setting-out specialists.

The company was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals with many years of experience in Land Surveying and Site Engineering, both in the UK and Overseas.

From the banks of the River Tyne in Newcastle, to the shores of the Caribbean and the Temples of the Far East, we have successfully negotiated and concluded a variety of contracts both enterprising and testing to our company.

Now based back in our native Northumberland our locations may not be as exotic - but our projects are just as challenging.

In recent years we have set out houses in Consett, the South Tyneside Steads, designed and engineered fishing lakes in County Durham and set out the major glass and roof structure of the Sage Music centre in Gateshead.

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We rely heavily on modern technology using the most up to date computer systems to download our information from CAD-based files which we upload to our survey equipment to give a job as per drawing.

Our software is supplied by applications in CAD, we engineer ground models from original surveys, overlaying proposed earthwork drawings to produce the models and calculations necessary for pricing the major earthworks of a contract.

All our survey teams consist of a qualified Surveyor/Engineer and a Technician. They are equipped with the latest Trimble Robotic total station, a laptop with CAD package and 4x4 as necessary, plus all the additional equipment for field calculations.

The latest addition to our equipment is a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) capable of locating all underground services and pipes including depth, in use or redundant.

Whether you are involved in Planning, New Construction, a Civil Engineering contractor who needs a site set out, or an Architect requiring a topographic survey, our teams can save you time and money.

Geomet Surveys has extensive experience of railway monitoring:

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Geomet Surveys provides dimensional control services:

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Geomet Surveys conducts GPS Surveys using state of the art technology:

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Geomet Surveys provides the full range of site engineering services:

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