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Mr Carl Sharpley
6 Ridgeway Road
WA15 7EY

About MiniSoil Ltd

Mini Soil Surveys is a well established and experienced team of Engineers. Our extensive knowledge allows us to offer a broad spectrum of services. We are dedicated to producing good quality, basic ground information at a low cost.

We offer a cost effective service for any scale of project, from house extensions to one off houses to housing estates. We are particularly keen to assist and advise clients who may have never been involved in ground investigations in the past.

The quick, clean system is based upon the MINI-RIG and its patented method of forming lined boreholes. It is designed to work in areas with restricted access, limited space or headroom. IT ALLOWS US TO REACH PLACES OTHER RIGS CAN'T!

Customer service is a priority at Mini Soils. You will be assigned to one of our experienced and qualified team members who will manage your request from quotation through to final report.

What do we do:
  • Borehole Surveys
  • Ground Investigations
  • Trial Pit Excavations
  • SPT Testing
  • Window Sampling

A MINI SOIL SURVEY investigation is only a small fraction of the total cost of a new house but it will eliminate the risk of failure and enable foundation design and costs to be established before work starts.

Mini Soil Surveys provides a specialist service to the homeowner, the landowner, the developer, the construction and telecoms industry. We offer a wealth of expertise and knowledge from our highly experienced engineering team.

We take pride in producing comprehensive quality reports at a fraction of the price.

Mini Soil Surveys head office is located in Carrington with regional offices based in:
  • Leigh
  • Timperely
  • Bath
  • Maidstone
  • Birmingham

These offices operate teams throughout the UK.

Before new homes can be built, the ground risks have to be assessed. The site investigation can provide the developer with information that allows them to identify the ground stability. It gives them the foresight and knowledge that will reduce the RISK.

We can investigate and identify what contaminants, if any, are present. The soil samples will also help establish their individual concentration levels, and whether they are inert or mobile. In the case of mobile contaminants, some will have a definite path such as radon or methane gas, which will be heading the surface.

Overall, our services and reports could help you find:
  • Contamination Solutions
  • Foundation Solutions
  • Remediation Strategies

Our team of engineers can advise on suitable methods for individual projects that could range from:

  • House Extensions
  • Basement Extensions
  • New Builds
  • Swimming Pools

The survey from Mini Soils could save you both time and money. Contractors can foresee any future problems, mitigate and minimise risk, saving them time as they will be better prepared. This should allow them to accurately forecast the budget for the works.

At Mini Soils we have an extensive list of clients ranging from:
  • General Public
  • House Builders/Developers
  • Architects and Surveyors
  • Telecoms Companies
  • Land Agents
  • Rail Firms
  • Highways
  • Water Companies
  • Power Companies


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