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Armstrong World Industries Ltd

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01895 274287
38 Market Square
County Middlesex
England uk

About Armstrong World Industries Ltd

Armstrong World Industries Ltd is a global leader in providing acoustic, design and environmental ceiling and wall system solutions for all market segments and interior environments.

Armstrong has established a widely respected reputation throughout the world for high quality products and services. The vast array of products is backed up with a comprehensive range of services which include NBS specifications, acoustic calculations, samples, literature and CPD seminars.

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Mineral Ceilings
The Armstrong mineral ceilings are available in a wide range of dimensions from 600 x 600mm to 2500 x 300mm in various patterns and colours. Edge detail designs include Board, Tegular, Vector or MicroLook; shapes include canopy, large module, open cell, plank and tile options and dB ratings of between 24 and 41.

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Metal Ceilings
Armstrong’s metal ceilings are available in plain, standard perforation, micro perforation, extra micro perforation and special perforations to provide specifiers with a comprehensive range of aesthetic options.

The metal range can be used with a choice of acoustic inlays developed to provide a wide range of performance values. Armstrong Metal ceilings solutions include Axal Vector, Board, MicroLook and Tegular, Q-Clip, S-Clip F, T-Clip F, R-Clip and F-Clip Access, as well as R-H 200, R-H 215, R-L 201, W-H 1000, B-H 300, D-H 700, Cellio, and K-H 400.

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Wood Ceilings
Armstrong’s wood range is available in tiles and planks and in laminate, for a durable and more affordable option, or veneer, where real wood gives a particularly prestigious, high-class solution. Both options are coated with a clear UV-enhanced and solvent-free lacquer that protects them from ageing and sunlight. The range was extended in 2013 to include a concealed system using hook-on panels on a standard grid in three panel sizes, five standard matt veneers and three perforation options for optimum acoustics.

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Tech Zone
Armstrong® TECH ZONE offers you a unique solution to design contemporary, technical zones with the guaranteed integration of market leading service elements. TECH ZONE is a partnership with market leading manufacturers in lighting fixtures, air diffusers, chilled beams and sprinkler systems.
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