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About Acoustic Applications

Acoustic Applications specialises in the provision of solving noise and environmental problems for an extensive range of applications worldwide. We have an enviable client list which includes blue chip companies as well as internationally known clients in a number of key sectors, from aerospace, to printing, to pharmaceuticals and beyond.

Acoustic Enclosures
In industrial environments the noise from plant can present a noise problem resulting in a noise disturbance, or even worse, hearing damage. An effective solution may be to enclose the plant in order to reduce noise pollution without hindering its operation. Here at Acoustic Applications we have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a wide variety of acoustic enclosures over our time in business. These can be designed to meet a variety of processes and applications from small individual units for motors, pumps and gearboxes to large structurally designed systems.

Control Rooms & Noise Havens
These are usually situated within noisy, hazardous environments, for housing process controls and operatives. It is a robust product maintaining an operator friendly approach for vision, safety and comfort amenities. They can be provided in single units or multi-section modules, floor or structure mounted for integration with associated plant.

Environmental Enclosures
At Acoustic Applications we specialise in delivering bespoke turnkey solutions for our customers; our Environmental Enclosures are a testament to our approach. Environmental Enclosures (acoustic or non-acoustic) are thermally controlled to house a specific function or process and fully integrated with a purpose designed supply and extraction system. They provide accurate temperature control, humidity control, vapour control, noise control, light control and air-locked human interfaces.

Acoustic Doors
Acoustic Applications design, manufacture and install a range of high performance acoustic steel doors designed to prevent noise transfer and maintain acoustic integrity, custom made to satisfy any number of customer requirements. Our acoustic doors are supplied in either single-leaf or double-leaf sets, complete with an integral holding frame and sized to fit virtually any aperture. They may be either single-sealing or double-sealing to header, jambs and threshold providing a positive seal to prevent against noise breakout.

Acoustic Louvres
Acoustic Louvres provide sound attenuation and weatherproofing to an area of wall or aperture whilst allowing uninterrupted air flow for ventilation. They may be used on building apertures, incorporated into enclosure or screening systems or banked to form complete units. Louvres may be manufactured to virtually any size or thickness and are designed to address the particular acoustic problem at hand.

Silencers provide effective sound attenuation for air or gas movement applications. We custom design all our silencers to specifically meet the air or gas flows with an absorptive area applicable to the attenuation requirement, providing a cost effective solution for our customers.

Acoustically absorptive screens can be used in applications where a full enclosure is impractical or unnecessary in achieving the desired result. Screens may be free standing or married with existing structures to form enclosed areas. Screens may be used as barriers to reduce noise from roads or rail lines, or to enclose noisy plant at roof level protecting communities from unwanted noise.

Absorptive Panels
When applied to a surface acoustically absorptive panels maximise acoustic absorption offering an alternative means to mitigate unwanted noise. Absorptive panels may be installed in rooms or spaces to reduce undesirable echo or reverberation effects. If the space is used for speaking then a reduction in reverberant sound conditions can actually improve clarity and intelligibility.


Acoustic Applications General Description

Environmental noise specialists, providing acoustic and environmental enclosures as well as acoustic Doors and barriers. modular or single unit control rooms for noisy environment commercial acoustic noise consultants commercial environment consultants nationwide
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