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Invisible Heat Ltd

Invisible Heat Ltd Contact Details

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01854 613161
Kevin Oleary
IH Design Centre
Morefield Industrial Estate
County Ross-Shire
IV26 2SR

About Invisible Heat Ltd

Invisible Heat Ltd. is a new Ullapool business started up by employees of the former Invisible Heating Systems to offer spares to pre-existing underfloor heating systems as well as design and supply of underfloor heating systems to new builds, extensions & refurbishments.

What do we do?
We offer the supply, design & installation of underfloor heating systems.

Each of our underfloor heating systems will include a fully coloured cad drawing showing zone layouts, manifold position as well as room stat positions.

All underfloor heating system will also include the required wiring diagram for the room stats and wiring centre provided. As of the 1st of April 2014 our standard controls will be supplied by Watts UK.

What does underfloor heating provide?
  • Even warmth & comfort throughout your home or commercial premises
  • Clean & hygienic
  • No dust circulation - excellent for asthmatics & people with allergies
  • Environmentally friendly, especially when used with solar, condensing boilers & heat pumps
  • Vandal proof
  • No unsightly radiators
  • Complete freedom for innovative interior design
  • Link up or add to an existing system eg. extension or conservatory
  • Complete wiring & plumbing schematics
  • Timesaving - due to ease & speed of installation
  • Easy to regulate - due to the compact manifolds
  • Excellent after sales service
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Peace of mind with a 50 year pipe guarantee

What is Underfloor Heating ?
The heat produced from underfloor heating or wall heating comprises of 70% radiant heat and 30% convection heat. Conventional systems mainly provide convection heat which circulates through the air that surrounds objects in a building. Radiant heat, heats objects & the general fabric of the building, including people, just like the sun heats objects on the earth's surface.

Underfloor heating eliminates uncomfortable hot or cold air flows around a room and gives even comfortable heating. The warmest part of the room is next to the floor, not the ceiling, floor heating is as close as you can get to the ideal heating curve.

With underfloor heating the biggest advantage is the even warmth & comfort throughout your home or commercial premises - your environment is pleasant, temperatures are slightly lower than you would have with a conventional system. This is due to the even heat distribution. The actual air temperature can be reduced by 1 - 2°C, compared to a conventional system, this adds to the comfort level and gives energy savings between 15% to 50% depending on ceiling height. The higher the ceiling the more you save.


Lewis Plates
Lewis Plates are rolled self-supporting, dovetailed, galvanised steel reinforcement sheets which allow lightweight concrete floors of limited thickness to be laid on (primarily) timber floor framing. The plates are laid over the joists and nailed or screwed down; the underfloor heating pipe is clipped to them and a screed is then laid on top. Ideal for use on top of a joisted structure where they help spread the load-bearing capacity of the floor.

Wall Plates
Wall heating is another great way to heat a building. It's also a really effective means of delivering cooling. It is particularly suitable in offices or buildings with extensive cabling systems in the floor. It is also particularly viable where, for some reason, the existing floor can't be removed or altered to accommodate underfloor heating or where there is insufficient height. This renders it particularly suitable for retrofitting, though may not be the ideal solution in an art gallery!

Like underfloor heating, wall heating saves space, turns walls into radiators and can link up with micro-renewable technologies. It is similar to floor heating, except it delivers approximately 25% higher cooling output if this is also required. It can be installed directly behind plasterboard walls or steel plate.


Products & Services

overlay system

12mm mats

8mm pipe

underfloor heating pipe repair connectors

pert pipe

underfloor pipe

underfloor heating parts

manifold housing




underfloor thermal heads

IHS Manifolds

Robot regulating valves

Herz regulating valves

WTH Regulating valves

Watts Controls

New Split Manifold

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