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Natural Stone Carpets Limited

Natural Stone Carpets Limited Contact Details

Chris Hyland
Unit 8 Site 1 Swords Business Park
County Co Dublin

About Natural Stone Carpets Limited

Natural Stone Carpet is one of Ireland's longest established flooring suppliers.

Made out of millions of stones, polished by nature, a Natural Stone Carpet is decorative, tough, low-maintenance and, most importantly, clean.

Ideal for asthma sufferers or for anyone who wants a dust-free environment and a warm floor at the same time.

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Cat or dog hairs, mud or other dirt?
A Natural Stone Carpet's Home Flooring is clean in no time at all!
Beautiful because of the amount of different colour combinations possible. That's what makes a Natural Stone Carpet the perfect basis for your interior.

Not only has a Natural Stone Carpet got a warm appearance, but it also feels very comfortable without the use of underfloor heating. With the use of the highest quality epoxy resin and a slightly porous structure, a Natural Stone Carpet home flooring will always hold the temperature of the room.

A Natural Stone Carpet Home Flooring is perfect for every room in the home. Children playing on the floor, lying on the floor or just walking on the floor in your bare feet. All this is possible with a Natural Stone Carpet. Even if you live in an apartment: a Natural Stone Carpet has high structure-borne noise absorption properties. Your neighbours below will be just as pleased with your new floor!

If you look at the colour combinations our experts have designed, you can see that not all the stones in our floors have a grey cast. Our newest colour range matches your expectations for warm colourful floors.

A Natural Stone Carpet will be a quiet, safe base for your interior. You will have years of pleasure with your Natural Stone Carpet. The floor's durable finish ensures that casters, high heels and other objects do not damage the surface. Our special mixing procedure is your guarantee of precisely the colour you want. Using the hundreds of basic colours our advisors can work with you to design any required colour combination. Your particular design can be matched to suit your specific tastes and wishes.

We can also make any design in your floor in contrasting colours for greater visual impact. A floor designed like this makes your interior unique, because nowhere in the world will you see the exact same floor.

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