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DEVI Heat Limited

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Kim Petersen
Unit A4 Centre Point Business Park
Oak Road
Dublin 12

About DEVI Heat Limited

DEVI provides you with efficient underfloor heating for any room, be it at home, in your bathroom or living room, at the office, in a workshop, sports hall or virtually anywhere that requires comfortable warmth.

DEVI underfloor heating is used in connection with new building or can be fitted on top of the old flooring, e.g. when renovating a bathroom.

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These consist of:

- Deviflex™: Cable heating solutions.
- Devimat™: Thin floor heating solutions.
- Devidry™: DIY floor heating solutions.
- Devilink™: Wireless heating controls.
- Devireg™: Various thermostats and timers.
- Devi: Mirror pads & Towel Rails.

These solutions added to a superior after sales service & a full technical support team alleviate you, the customer, of the stresses and strains, which are synonymous with building projects.

DEVI is the market leader both across Europe and throughout Ireland in electric underfloor heating.

The advantages of our underfloor heating are clear to see:

- Even Temperature - no hot or cold spots.
- No Dust or Draughts - no moving air.
- Silent operation - ensuring peace and quiet.
- No exposed flames or hot surfaces for inquisitive young fingers to explore.
- No ducts, radiators or cords to trip over.
- Air, which is fresh and clean, perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.
- DEVI solutions are perfect for both small one of houses or large-scale developments.

DEVI operates in the 32 Counties of Ireland, and has agent’s country wide; if you can not see an agent for your area, then please feel free to contact DEVI directly.

DEVI Heat Limited Serves The Following Areas

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