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353 1 8499340
Vincent Hanratty
Unit 122
Ashbourne Industrial Estate,
County Meath

About Trucurve Glass

Premier supplier of curved glass in Ireland
Our company was established in 1973 as a family business offering a complete glass service. For the last 20 years, we have specialised in producing and fitting curved glass for both domestic and commercial customers. More recently we have added to that a first-class service in all aspects of flat glass, from shower screens to complete shop fronts. So, whatever project you have in mind, allow us the opportunity to show you ‘what we can do with glass’ and help you make your ideas come alive. Contact us on

Our Services
  • Bend it
    We can bend glass up to 2.4M wide x 3.4M high Safety is paramount - it is either toughened, laminated or safety filmed Curved glass is thermally efficient when made into double glazed units...and it's beautiful to look at.

  • Colour it
    When glass is coloured, it adds zest and vitality to the environment around it. You can light it up with natural light in doors and screens - and when natural light is not available, LEDs work very well in areas such as reception counters and wall cladding.

  • Work it
    Our processing facilities include the following: Edge polishing – Bevelling – Drilling – CNC shape cutting – laminating – toughening Other surface processes include sandblasting, or imitation sandblast effect by use of film or paint. When glass is used in water affected areas, either internally or externally, it’s worth considering putting a hydrophobic coating on the glass to stop the build-up of dirt or limescale.

  • Design it
    Our design work focuses on the areas where our glass is used most. While we are not glass artists, we can offer graphic design work, from the simple to the intricate. Consider it for signage on doors and windows, it’s very effective on internal glass doors both sliding and swinging, and can be a real eye opener as a centre panel in a wardrobe door.

  • Mirror it
    Mirror glass can be cut to any size and shape, and can be further enhanced with metallic and coloured graphics to give an interesting depth of vision. Available in clear, extra clear, bronze, grey and antique effect, mirror glass is a very effective way to add depth and interest to any area, especially in commercial settings.

  • Assemble it
    With the huge range of stainless steel and aluminium fittings available, you can use them to make virtually anything in glass. Frameless glass doors, frameless glass balustrading, frameless display cases to mention just a few. Check out the range of fittings available, and see the design possibilities they offer.
  • Curved Glass
    We can bend glass for a wide range of applications from kitchen cabinet doors to large double glazed bay windows. Very often it is used by designers to form a feature or focal point in a home or business setting.

  • Curved double glazing
    We can offer a complete service when it comes to curved double glazed units, from the small georgian sized unit with the slim 7mm sightline to the large sized units, silicone sealed for butt jointing.

  • Toughened glass assemblies
    Assembling glass simply means joining panels together by various means to make a structure that works, from shop fronts to display cases to glass furniture. Mechanical jointing involves the use of mainly S/s fittings which are custom made for use with toughened glass from 10mm – 19mm thick.

  • Glass balustrading
    The clean modern look of an all glass balustrade can be very striking while at the same time offering the protection that all barriers are designed to do.

  • Mirrors
    Mirrors have been used for generations to do many things, principally to reflect light and make areas look bigger than they actually are. We can offer a full fitting service, including any necessary framework to ensure the reflection remains as true as possible, especially where panels are being butt jointed together.

  • Coloured glass
    When we talk about coloured glass, people usually think about cladding a wall in a kitchen or bathroom or a more extensive area in a commercial setting. However, coloured glass now also incorporates translucent as well as some transparent colours.

  • U.V Bonding
    uses an adhesive cured by ultra violet (UV) light to bond glass panels together. The main feature is that the adhesive is practically invisible when applied properly, allowing the highly polished aesthetics of the glass to shine through – clean, neat , modern, unobtrusive.

  • Custom designed projects
    We can offer the professional designer backup when it comes to custom designed projects. Sometimes there are no off the shelf solutions to cater for individual design ideas and it takes a little ‘outside the box’ thinking to make things work.


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