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01 2895632
Barry Murphy
The Old Courtyard
Newtownpark Avenue
County Dublin
A94 YD61

About Model Works Ltd

Model Works is a full-service architectural presentation and analysis studio based in Dublin and London.

The team at Model Works is led by Architects, Engineers and experts in digital and craft artistry.

Our professional approach lends creativity and project management to traditional craft and the latest interactive and visualisation technologies.


LVIA/TVIA is the process of identifying and assessing the effects of a proposed development on the context landscape (or townscape) and on views and visual amenity in the affected area. LVIA reports (or EIAR chapters) are prepared during the design process for proposed developments and submitted with planning applications, so that the planning authorities and the public can fully understand the potential effects of the proposal on the landscape and views/visual amenity in the area.

Daylight Sunlight
Daylight and sunlight assessment is a technical analysis which predicts; 1) the light that rooms within a proposed development can expect to receive and, 2) the impact the proposal may have on the receiving environment.  This assessment has become a critical component for all significant planning applications.

Verified Photomontages
The locations and number of views required is decided through consultation with the design team and local authorities. A verified view is an accurate photomontage created using a computer generated image superimposed onto a base photograph to create a seamless image which illustrates the visual effect and architectural form of a proposed development within the site context and its environment.

The need for Computer Generated Images (CGI) is becoming increasingly more important for architects, designers and marketing agents in order to represent their designs to prospective tenants and purchasers allowing them to visualise what the design will look like when completed. Our team of talented and experienced CGI artists are focused on delivering high quality imagery, clearly translating architectural designs into stunning and engaging imagery. CGIs can be used in the architectural and design industries at every stage of the development, from early concept through to planning and marketing.

Our animation service is architectural storytelling at its finest. Combining our skills in CGI production, visual arts, and digital technologies, we create 3D digital environments that are captured in live action footage. Our animations provide the opportunity to fully describe the proposed development, both internally and externally, as well as its relationship to its context. Our expert team can superimpose CGI footage with existing site and wider context footage, to give the viewer a photorealistic impression of the subject architecture through video montage.

Interactive Experiences
Our in-house interactive team creates bespoke Apps to assist our clients sell or lease their properties. The Apartment Finder provides all relevant information about the scheme; visuals, videos, local amenities, transportation, etc. and allows the user to filter by beds, price, availability, etc. to assist purchasers in finding units that match their needs. The Leasing App has similar features but is used for commercial developments. AR\VR features can be included in the apps to enhance the immersive experience.

Scale Models
Combining traditional crafts skills with the latest laser cutting, milling and 3D printing technologies Mode Works create beautiful scale models, from the simplest small scale massing models, to large format, highly detailed realistic marketing models. Despite the many advances in the digital field, traditional models continue to play a vital role in helping the viewer to understand a scheme. While the majority of our models continue to be produced in the traditional materials of timbers and plastics, Model Works prides itself in working with alternative materials, such as metals, glass, corion, metal plated 3D prints etc. to provide our clients with alternative approaches in which to present their designs.

Model Works is unique in the industry. Our multidisciplinary approach offers a single source for all planning and marketing assets. We offer a service that is greater than the sum of our parts.

Our 40 years of experience in Ireland, the UK and overseas has proved time and again that we add value by smoothing the planning process and speed up sales through the most comprehensive and professional LVIA reporting, beautiful visualisation and models, and engaging interactive experiences.


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