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PVC Fabrications Ltd

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Keith O'Callaghan
Briar Hill
County Cork

About PVC Fabrications Ltd

PVC Fabrications (Sales) Ltd.
Established in 1974 as a fabricator of sewer and soil fittings. Today we have a product range which includes:
  • Grease traps
  • Electrical ducting
  • Sewer under-ground drainage
  • Soil above-ground drainage
  • Blue Water pipe and fittings 20-63mm
  • Normal and heavy gauge pipe and fittings
  • Roof outlets
  • Agri drinkers/ agri shovels/ IBC connectors
  • Channel drain for doorways

We also supply metric and imperial compression fittings and roofing products.
PVC Fabrications pipes and fittings are all of the highest standard and quality.

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Whether they are extruded, injection moulded or hand fabricated, you know you are buying the best when you choose PVC Fabrications products.

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PVC Fabrications has succeeded in capturing a substantial share of the market over the past 40 years and in doing so have built up a very solid reputation. To serve this nationwide customer base, we have adopted a very successful delivery service, and maintain stock levels, with which our customers are extremely satisfied.

PVC has become one of the foremost innovators over the past 40 years when it comes to Fabrication and problem solving. Our ability to adapt and diversify bring customers back time after time. We are now the number one choice for many Architects/Specifiers/Q.S. Nationwide.

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COVER-LIFE is a special patented co-extruded roofing sheet. This is a 3 layer co-extrusion process which lends, strength flexibility and aesthetics to the finished product. This highly specialised and innovative process, allows Coverlife to functionally surpass most other products on the market today.

It out performs all other solutions when compared to reliability, physical
and chemical performance and resistance to extremes in weather conditions.

COVER-LIFE sheets are composed of three layers co-extruded into one single sheet which combines the technical features of aggregates with the elasticity of PVC. These different raw materials joined together make COVER-LIFE sheets resistant, light, elastic and suitable for every type of roofing or siding. The project “LIFE” sponsored by the European Communities Commission is aimed at developing innovative technologies as alternative to asbestos in residential or industrial roofing and recyclable materials with a considerable energy conservation.

  • Fire resistant and self-extinguishing

  • Resistance to high and low temperatures

  • Dimensional stabilities

  • Thermal conductivity and acoustic insulation
  • Mechanical resistance to impacts

  • Resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents

  • Aging stability

  • Lightweight and economy

COVER-LIFE offers a wide range of advantages over more traditional cladding products. It doesn't warp or corrode it has extremely low heat and noise transmission and is suitable for aggressive environments.

COVER-LIFE is easy to install and lightweight and comes in a variety of shapes colours and lengths to suit most project needs.

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