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Holbein Carpentry & Joinery Limited

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Jeff Rousseau
Sneem Road
County Kerry
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About Holbein Carpentry & Joinery Limited

Holbein Carpentry & Joinery strives to produce high quality, bespoke products. We are rooted in a timeless craft whilst embracing the latest techniques and machinery to be at the forefront of joinery and furniture design in the Irish market.
Holbein Carpentry & Joinery values and develops our customers vision through adaptive design, to create desirable, sustainable, timeless pieces. We believe it is our responsibility to nurture and protect these craft skills, to pass them onto future generations for the benefit of our community, our customers and our team.

Bespoke stairs

  • Closed Thread Stairs
    The Closed Thread Stairs is the most affordable. This stairs is a welcoming addition to any home. The strings are closed with the steps housed into each side. The stairs are made using traditional techniques.

  • Cut String Stairs
    The Cut String Staircases are our most popular. The difference being that the outer string is cut. They can be literally any design from traditional mouldings to Minimalist modern. This can be a statement design feature to your home.

  • Open Thread Stairs
    The Open Thread Stairs give a feeling of space to a home. The riser is replaced with either stainless steel bar or a piece of timber. This staircase enhances the space and is a design feature to your home.

  • Stairs with Glass Banisters
    The spindles are replaced with glass which gives a feeling of open living. The glass enhances the home and can be housed directly into the balustrade.

  • Curved Stairs
    The spiral staircase is a design feature that plays with the eyes. The stairs will enhance your home and give you ever lasting pleasure. The curves will give your home a sense of luxury and optilance.

Choosing species of Timber?
At Holbein Architectural Joinery we have a wide range of species to choose from. This includes both hardwoods and softwoods. The timbers consist of but are not limited to Oak, Ash, Walnut, Mahogony (Sapele), Pine (Red Deal), These are our most popular. One can also paint the stairs and have a mix of painted wood and exposed wood. The different species stairs are listed below. Other species of timber include Red Oak, Beech, Maple, Rustic Oak, Elm, Cherry, Pitch Pine.

Kitchen design and function is number one. Our design team will help you select where you want your storage and what type of storage that is available. We will work with you and your budget to create a unique design that will suit your needs. We have a wide range of materials to choose from. Designs vary from traditional to contemporary.

Frame made from:
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Red Deal (Pine)
  • Painted wood (Cream, Ivory, grey etc.)
  • Cornice Profile Mouldings also available on top of wall cabinets.

Choice of timber for our windows and doors.
  • Traditional Sliding Sash Windows
  • Doors


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Curved traditional sash windows in Kerry

Traditional sliding sash windows in kerry

Traditional sash windows in Kerry

Kitchens in Kerry

Closed Thread Stairs

Cut String Stairs

Open Thread Stairs

Commercial fit out

Curved staircases in Kerry

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