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01788 567700
The Square
County Co Tipperary
E91 P8H7

About Twintec Technologies Ireland Limited

The Twintec group of companies employs over 350 people worldwide throughout Europe, USA and Middle East. Its founders have been active in the business of steel fibre reinforced concrete technology for more than 30 years. The international organisational structure of Twintec and the mobility of the production teams enable us to provide a prompt response to the needs of our clients worldwide. A unique research & development programme maintained by Twintec ensures our clients are able to obtain the results they need wherever they need them, using the latest developments in materials, equipment and methodology. The success of Twintec technology is essentially due to the people who implement it: they represent quality assurance for our clients and are the primary asset of the group.

Seen within the industry as one of the most dynamic concrete flooring contractors, Twintec help and advise clients on industrial flooring from the earliest stages of the project. The Twintec Group produce in excess of 6 million m² of industrial concrete flooring each year making them the concrete flooring contractor of choice for many main contractors, engineers and clients.

The FREEPLAN® floor, achieved by use of a multidirectional casting method, eliminates saw-cut joints.

The use of proven, sensible design methods, the mastering of concrete behaviour, the understanding of steel fibre reinforced concrete technology and the constant monitoring of the production process allow Twintec to guarantee the delivery of a totally homogeneous industrial floor without saw-cut joints.

The Twintec ULTIMATE® floor slab achieves the end user’s ultimate requirements for a totally seamless floor slab without any opening joints across the whole floor slab area, therefore this will reduce ongoing maintenance to MHE equipment as not trafficking over any joints.

The TWINPLAN® floor benefits from all the FREEPLAN® concept qualities (jointless product). It is specially adapted for use in the logistics sector, aiming at better operational yields in very narrow aisle storage areas.

In industrial flooring, VNA storage slabs are the most demanding for loading and trafficking of high loads. Also they must comply with the extreme flatness and levelness requirements of well known industry standards such as TR34 (Superflat and CAT1) or DIN 15185.

The FREEPLAN-S® slabs on piles are delivered with the DBG concept (Design – Build – Guarantee).

Twintec, as a specialist concrete flooring contractor, offers a complete design made by professional engineers, who are able to advise you on the best piling system, possible enlarged pile heads, edge detail, etc.

All Twintec designs are absolutely free of charge.



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Jamie Snowdon Business Development Manager 0044 (0)1788 567722
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