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Schiedel Chimney Systems

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028 8774 7430
Washingbay Road
Co. Tyrone
BT71 4ND
N. Ireland

About Schiedel Chimney Systems

Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd. is the leading flue and chimney manufacturer in the UK and a world brand. We strongly believe in providing our customers with innovative and tailor-made solutions that are future-proof and energy efficient.

We have been manufacturing the Rite Vent Brand of Steel Products at our plant in Washington, Tyne & Wear for 50 years, and distributing our ISOKERN brand of Pumice products for over 25 years from our distribution centre at Poole, Dorset. Our ceramic range is distributed from our office in Coalisland, Northern Ireland.

Our products are known for their performance, and are approved for use in any eco design houses and Passivhaus.


Primary Heating: Boilers [Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel and Biomass]
Primary heating is the main central heating system of the building, which may or may not also provide hot water, as well as space heating for the building.

Typical examples in the residential market would be gas or oil condensing boilers, solid fuel boilers or biomass boilers. Typical examples in the non-residential market would be gas or oil condensing boilers, CHP units or biomass boilers.

Secondary Heating: Stoves, Pellet Stoves, Gas Fires [Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel and Biomass]
Secondary heating is space heating for an individual room, which can be used as comfort heating in addition to, or as an alternative, to central heating. Typical examples would be a stove, gas fire or pellet stove.

Commercial Application: Reliable, innovative and cost effective
Schiedel Rite-Vent is the leading supplier of prefabricated chimney systems in Europe with the widest choice of flue and chimney products. Schiedel is at the forefront in product and service innovation, with system and solutions that are reliable, innovative and cost effective.


Schiedel Steel System Chimneys
Schiedel Rite-Vent has the widest range of flues for use with residential boilers, stove, cooker and open fires. The range covers single wall, twin wall, flexible liners and flue boxes, in diameters from 75 mm to 300 mm. There are options for oil, gas, wood and solid fuel.

Steel System Chimneys:
  • ICID Plus
  • ICS
  • Bvent
  • Prima Smooth
  • Prima Plus
  • HP 5000
  • Tecnoflex
  • Triplelock
  • Associated Products
Schiedel Ceramic System Chimneys
Schiedel have invested in the latest production technology and are proud to introduce a new range of high-performance rebated ceramic flue liners, which are fully CE tested and approved and are fully compatible with the increasingly efficient modern appliances, as well as meeting the more traditional soot-fire requirements.

Schiedel has sourced the finest raw materials and blended in a unique formula to give an original combination of temperature resistance and strength.

Schiedel Pumice System Chimneys
Pumice is a natural insulator; this is the unique property that separates pumice from all other chimney material. Schiedel Isokern is noteworthy for its flue and chimney products, manufactured using high-quality pumice which is recognised throughout Europe and USA.
  • Isokern DM
  • Firechests and Gathers
  • Pumice Liners
  • Isokoat
  • Associated Products
The Natural properties of Pumice:
  • High Insulation Properties – Pumice is a natural insulator, able to maintain the temperature of flue gases in comparison to other products which allow the temperature to fall
  • Lightweight – Pumice is strong yet lightweight, allowing one person to lift and build the chimney units
  • Resistant to temperature change – Pumice expands and contracts less with temperature change than other chimney systems. This reduces the possibility of cracking and structural damage that can occur with other products.


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