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Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd

Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd Contact Details

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028 7086 9061
Kieran Rafferty
169A Agivey Road
BT51 4AB
Co Londonderry

About Rafferty Roof Trusses Ltd

Northern Ireland's Number 1 Truss Manufacturer
Established in 2000 Rafferty Roof Trusses is a family run business with over 50 combined years experience in the design and manufacture of roof trusses.

We have grown over the years to become a market leader in roof truss design, with manufacture carried out in our facility in Aghadowey, providing our services throughout Ireland.

Our products and services are available for all customers, commercial, domestic and trade.

Truss designs:

Available for all bungalow and two story houses as well as garages.

Maximise the space in your home by fitting attic roof trusses. Again suitable for all bungalows and two story dwellings.

Attic - no floor joist:
This is the most competitive way of roofing if you have fitted a concrete floor slab. Eliminates purlin walls & steel and reduces labour times.

Raised tie:
Designed for situations where there is a dormer roof construction. Steel and purlin walls can be eliminated from the cost. Labour fitting costs will be greatly reduced by using this truss.

Modified Scissor:
Rooms such as sunrooms can be enhanced greatly by raising the ceilings giving a more spacious feel to the room.

Bobtail attic:
Make the most of your garage with our range of specially designed garage trusses.

Flooring Designs:

The future of flooring:
  • Open web systems gives almost uninterrupted access for the passage of services
  • Ideal for heat retention systems
  • Minimum 72mm wide flanges providing a large area for the fixing of floor, deck and ceilings
  • Depth compatible with solid joist sizes
  • Made to measure, reducing on site wastage

The benefits of this new flooring system:
  • Minimal shrinkage or swelling
  • Reduction or elimination of surface run pipework
  • Lightweight construction
  • Erection in approximately 30% of the time required for conventional joists
  • Can be top chord supported
  • Can be loaded to carry concrete screen


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