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Low-E Reflective Insulation

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About Low-E Reflective Insulation

Low-E Reflective Insulation

Simple to install and environmentally friendly.
Low-E deals with heat loss through reflecting radiant heat and air tightness which prevents drafting and cold bridging. Radiant heat loss in a building is by far the biggest heat loss. The next is heat loss through cold bridging and drafting. Low-E is a reflective Insulation (aluminium is the best reflector) and is therefore able to reflect radiant heat, it is also a retarder that can stop cold bridging and drafting.

With its non toxic closed cell foam core, Low-E Reflective Insulation offers a safer, cleaner, fibre-free, non-asthmatic medium and is ideal for health sensitive applications.

Low-E Reflective Insulation delivers high thermal efficiency in all wall, roof, ceiling and floor applications where it will significantly lower building heating and cooling costs (in summer). It will also assist your building in meeting new European Air Tightness Tests.

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Low-E Reflective Insulation is extremely quick and easy to install with minimum waste.
It is a versatile Insulation that can be used as a stand alone or alongside other Insulations to save space and help to achieve excellent U-Values.

Dimensions of a roll of Low-E Reflective Insulation:
4ft x 125ft = 500sq ft
1.2m x 38.5m = 46 square metres approx.

Tests carried out on Low-E over the last 20 years
Fire Rating BS 476-7 Class 1
BR443 UK Building Regulations
BBA Certified
Thermal Transmission
Rotated Guarded Hot Box
Emissivity Test
Wet and Dry Emissivity
Corrosivity Test
Surface Burning
Full Scale Burn
Vapour Transmission
UV Aging
Fungi Resistance

Other products available from Low-E
Slab Shield is a 9mm Insulation roll used in under floor heating/concrete pour or similar, which stops cold bridging in floor and adjacent walls and enhances U-Values.

Also part of the Low-E group is Low-E LED Lighting which supply a large range of low cost LED lighting suitable for outdoor and indoor use as well as CFL and Metal Halide Lamps.

  • 6 Watt LED Lamp complete with DC Transformer.
  • Ideal replacement for halogen lighting.
  • 2 year guarantee with every lamp.
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