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0419 820200
Michael Rafferty
County Meath

About R & M Buckets Ltd

R&M Buckets established by Michael Rafferty in 2001 after 28 years working in the engineering sector.

After 6 years of building up the business (currently employing 14) we moved to a new purpose-built premises in June 2008 in Grangegeeth, Slane, Co. Meath.

Manufacturers of a range of attachments for all excavators and front loading machines.

These include Digging Buckets, Grading Buckets, Riddle Buckets, Ripper-Hooks, Land Rakes and Tile-Drainage Buckets for all sizes of excavators.

Forks including Silage forks, Dung Forks, Folding Forks, Silage Grabs and Pallet Forks, and Buckets including Agri Bkts, Grain Bkts, GP Bkts, Hitip Bkts and Grab-Bkts are available for all types of front loading machines from Skid-Steers to Wheeled Loaders.

We also manufacture a range of Mole-Plough and Sub-Soilers.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageGrading Buckets.
Available in from a range of widths from 1m for 1 ton excavators up to 3.5m for 80 ton excavators.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageDitching Buckets.
Specially designed for ditch cleaning, these buckets come in a shallow but wide profile.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageDigging Buckets.
Available in all sizes for all excavators from 0.5ton up to 100ton. All R&M Digging Buckets are made with heavy duty materials, come supplied with teeth (unless otherwise requested) and hard wearing wear straps.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageGrapples.
Available for all sizes of excavator for a range of applications including refuse, log handling, stone handling etc…
Available in a range of sizes depending on the machine and application.
Also available are Concrete-Crunchers and Timber-Shear attachments.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageRiddle Buckets.
Our riddle buckets are available for all sizes of excavator and are made to order for various applications. These buckets are ideal for sifting through and separating rubble and stones from finer materials (sand, topsoil etc.).

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageRipping Hooks.
These heavy duty ripping hooks are designed for ripping through rock to break it up prior to digging.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageShear Grabs.
Manufactured for all machines: Excavators, Tractor Loaders, Skidsteers, Tele-handlers etc.
Available in a wide range of widths depending on machine and applications.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageGrain Pushing Blade.
Available in a range of lengths from 3m to 7.5m and a range of widths from 2.5m to 4m.
All manufactured to customer specification. Manufactured for all front loading machines.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageBuckets
Buckets to suit all applications and sizes of front loading machines from skidsteer to wheel loaders.
Special Deep Capacity buckets can be made to order.
As well as grab-buckets for various applications.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageSilage forks
Silage forks available in a selection of widths for all machines.
We specialise in Folding Forks available in a selection of widths up to 14 foot.

R & M Buckets Ltd ImageMole Plough and Subsoilers.
Available for all your land and drainage needs.



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