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Gemma Rice
Co Kildare

About Alcrete Ltd

Alcrete is a newly established manufacturer and contractor for the design, supply and erection of a range of precast products where entire structures are fabricated off site.

Alcrete uses the latest design and manufacturing techniques resulting in quality finished components in shorter production times. The Alcrete system build is a unique and highly innovative process at the cutting edge of precision technology.

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At the companys new bespoke and fully automated 125,000 sq foot production facility in Kill, Co. Kildare, Alcrete employs the world’s most technologically advanced equipment, including state of the art robotics, in the manufacture of a complete range of precast concrete building components for the construction industry.

Why Choose Precast?

* Programme/Speed on site
Up to 20% reduction in overall time period on site

* Reduction in Preliminaries
As the precast wall replaces insitu works and block infil, there is a reduction in the number of individual contractors on site. One precast crew replaces the formwork/steel fixer/concrete subcontractor/blockwork crew etc.

* No Scaffolding required
As the units are erected by crane, no scaffolding is required

* Minimal Waste
Considerable reduction in waste on site leading to reduction in site costs

* Safer working environment
Reduction in the number of trades along with lack of scaffolding and considerable decrease in waste on site, leads to a safer working environment

* Increase in Quality and Consistency
Elements are manufactured in a factory environment using the latest automated technology resulting in quality and consistency that cannot be matched on site using traditional methods.

* Fireproofing
Substantial improvement in fireproofing due to the nature of the materials used. Concrete homes exceed regulation requirements because concrete has an inherent fire resistance of up to four hours.

* Soundproofing
No additional expensive soundproofing required

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