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Terradrive Piling And Foundations Ltd

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Enterprise House
OBrien Rd
County Carlow

About Terradrive Piling And Foundations Ltd

Terradrive Piling and Foundations Ltd. provide engineering piling & ground improvement solutions, throughout Ireland. Servicing the residential, commercial, industrial & civil engineering markets.

“Terradrive Piling & Foundations was established in 2005 by Managing Director Eddie Horkan. Since 2005, Terradrive has proved to be a leading piling partner, on all small or large projects. Boosted by the strong experience of its team, Terradrive is focussed on delivering on the core values of quality, safety, experience, and value.

Terradrive has a proven desire to innovate and improve our products, we continue to develop the best techniques to suit the needs of the Irish market.”

Precast House Foundations
Terradrive Piling & Foundations Ltd’s Precast House Foundation System is the result of the needs of the house building industry for a solution to the difficulties imposed upon them by spiralling labour rates, acute skills shortage and ever increasing performance demands (both time and economic).

The system combines precast concrete piling, precast concrete pile caps and precast concrete ground beams, manufactured under controlled factory conditions employing the very latest concrete technology, to produce a tailor made house foundation solution.

Mini-Piling & Under-Pinning
Mini-piling solutions are ideal for foundation problems and the Underpinning solutions available include a number of tried and tested systems incorporating Mini-Piling and reinforced concrete beams or slabs, some which can be carried out entirely from outside the existing building, minimising disruption and therefore cost.

Restricted Access Piling
Restricted access piling utilises a wide range of mini and medium size piling rigs to install piles and foundations on restricted access sites. If you have a property with piled or deep foundations, mini piling will often be less expensive than digging conventional foundations and without exception will always be quicker, easier and cleaner.

Many houses built in recent years have relatively deep foundations and very little working room around them making digging for foundations for extensions very difficult. There can also be considerable risks of causing damage by digging close to your neighbour’s property or even your own.

Steel Piling
Steel piles can be driven with very high capacity driving tools, depending on the site conditions. Diesel hammers or heavy drop hammers are the preferred method used for installation. Steel Piles have high load-carrying capacity for a given weight of pile, which can reduce driving costs. Slender H-section piles have a low displacement volume, which can be an advantage, when soil displacement or heave is a potential problem. Although steel piles have their widest application in the form of sheet piling, they are also used to a considerable extent as bearing piles in foundations.

Precast Concrete Driven Piling
Precast piling offers consistent quality from the first pile to the last which can be seen and verified prior to installation. Driven precast piles maintain their shape during installation. They do not bulge in soft soil conditions and are typically not susceptible to damage from the installation of subsequent piles.

They are cost effective, versatile, they improve ground conditions, are self proving, adaptable and environmentally friendly.

Precast Piling UK
Terradrive Piling now offers pre-cast, prestressed concrete piles delivered to your UK site. Our most popular pile sizes include 200mm², 250mm², and 300mm² in 6 metre, 7 metre, or 8 metre lengths. Quotes are also available for sizes outside of these dimensions.

We offer a variety of reinforcement options including prestressed and normally reinforced piles – the reinforcement employed is designed for the specific loading conditions required.

All of our pre-cast concrete piles are manufactured under controlled factory conditions, allowing for rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing cycle to produce a product that is superior to piles constructed in-situ. All of our concrete products carry the CE quality mark.


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