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Sheep Wool Insulation Ltd

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00353 404 46452
Unit 1 Railway Business Park
County Wicklow

About Sheep Wool Insulation Ltd

About Sheep Wool Insulation
Sheep Wool Insulation produces thermal and acoustic insulation products made from natural sheep's wool. Our products are used to reduce heat loss and sound transfer in a variety of applications. Customers include home owners, builders, professionals, government bodies and specialist product manufacturers.
Our company was established to bring a superior, healthy and environmentally friendly wool-based insulation to the market. Since then, we have grown our business by consistently providing superior quality products at competitive prices with a reliable and dedicated focus on customer service.

Sheep Wool Insulation products are now regularly used in individual homes, housing developments, apartment complexes, hotels, castles, churches, shops, clinics, studios, retail parks, airports, listed structures, industrial buildings, warehouses, local authority and government buildings and many more interesting places!
To find out more about us and how Sheep Wool Insulation can reduce heat loss, improve sound performance and minimise environmental impact, please visit our website by clicking on the link above.

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Why Should I Use Wool?

Key Points:
Material Advantages
  • Wool is natural, renewable and sustainable
  • Sheep Wool Insulation is perfectly safe to touch and requires no specialised safety clothing or equipment, making it easy to install
  • It causes no irritation to the eyes, skin or lungs and wool fibres present no hazard to your health
  • Wool fibres are breathable, meaning they can absorb and release moisture without reducing thermal performance unlike fibre glass based products
  • Wool does not support combustion and will extinguish itself in the event of fire
  • Sheep Wool Insulation does not settle due to the high elasticity of the wool fibres ensuring no loss of performance over time

Saving Energy
  • Wool is designed by nature to save energy
  • Sheep Wool Insulation also requires only a fraction of the energy to produce compared to that of man made counterparts
  • This means that Sheep Wool Insulation will pay back its energy costs more than 5 times sooner (only 15 kW of energy are used to produce 1 m³)

Performance Benefits
  • Wool has a higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulation
  • It does not burn, but instead singes away from fire and extinguishes itself (Wool has a very high inflammation point of 560°C due to its high Nitrogen content of ~16%) Wool is self extinguishing because of its high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI=25.2), which means to completely burn wool an oxygen content of 25.2% is necessary whereas air only has 21%
  • Wool fibres are hygroscopic by nature, meaning they can absorb up to 35% of their own weight from the surrounding atmosphere depending on the humidity, helping to preserve the surrounding timbers.
  • While absorbing this moisture, wool releases energy in the form of heat, thus raising the temperature of its surrounding areas. Naturally releasing this moisture in the warmer seasons, wool creates a cooling effect on the same surroundings.
  • Sheep Wool Insulation rolls are produced to standard width requirements – saving time when fitting
  • Multiple layered wool fibres effectively reduce airborne sound transfer

Sheep Wool Insulation Ltd ImageSheep Wool Insulation Ltd Image

Sheep Wool Insulation produces a range of products to suit a variety of applications. The thickness and density of the insulation will vary depending on its intended application.

For thermal insulation applications in buildings, Sheep Wool Insulation supplies it's Comfort range to the UK market. Comfort is also suitable for reducing airborne sound transfer in building cavities.

Maximimising the benefits of wool fibres, Sheep Wool Insulation also produces packaging products and woollen accessories.

To ensure proper installation, suitable fitting accessories are also available.
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