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Llantarnam Industrial Park
County Gwent
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About Hempel UK Ltd

We protect our customers’ most valuable assets
At Hempel, we see ourselves as guardians of our customers’ most valuable assets. From bridges and boats to power stations and homes, our coatings can be found around the globe, helping make our world safer, stronger, longer lasting and more beautiful.

Across the globe our coatings protect structures and equipment from corrosion. They extend asset lifetimes, reduce maintenance costs and bring colour to our homes and places of work. We work closely with our customers on every project, large or small. We are there every step of the way, offering advice, support and inspiration – and solutions that provide superior protection and performance.

Our world is always developing and our customers’ needs constantly evolve.

This is why we always look for new ways to improve our process, products and way of working. From the engineers in our labs to our coating advisors across the globe, our aim is always to deliver products and services that add value to our customers’ businesses.

We live and work in many different countries, speak many languages and have different skills and areas of expertise. But as colleagues, we are a family of more than 6,000 people, united in the belief that trust is the reward given to us when we live our values and have Hempel at heart.

We provide coating solutions with the customer in mind
We supply coatings to the protective, marine, decorative, industrial, container and yacht industries. Bridges and boats, oil rigs and iconic buildings, windmills and houses, maybe even whole villages, depend on our trusted solutions to stay functional and beautiful for many years and under extreme conditions.

Almost all man-made structures and equipment are coated – very often by Hempel. Our coatings work 24/7 all year round to protect the structures beneath them, which is why we say that at Hempel trust is earned every day.

Hempel Service

Your business, our expertise – a performance partnership

Hempel Technical Service provides expert technical advice to customers around the world to ensure their coatings are applied as efficiently as possible and will perform as promised.

Hempel Service benefits:

Improve your maintenance efficiency to reduce costs
Cut your maintenance expense and time with expert advice and guidance. From specification and planning through to application, we help streamline your processes to ensure a fast and efficient maintenance process. As a result, your maintenance stops are shorter and your costs are lower.

Increase your asset uptime to maximise profitability
Get the most out of your assets to drive your business results. From overseeing application to managing your planned maintenance stops, we ensure long-term coating performance – so you benefit from longer maintenance intervals and a longer asset lifetime.

Boost your productivity to increase your production revenue
Step up your throughput to drive production. From coating choice through to waste minimisation and curing times, we work with you to ensure you benefit from a faster and more efficient coating process – to increase your production speed and reduce your costs.

Focus on your core business
Let your people concentrate on what they do best, while we take care of your maintenance. As the coating experts, we bring expertise to your maintenance planning and project management, giving you more time to focus on driving your business.

Marine Service
Your vessel, our expertise – a performance partnership

Hempel Service puts our expert coating advisors at the heart of your drydocking process, to deliver the optimum coating solution in the shortest time

Why use Hempel Service?
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Reduce lost revenue from off-hire
  • Drive fuel-consumption savings
  • Reduce overall docking costs
  • Reduce long-term maintenance costs

Protective Service
Your business, our expertise – a performance partnership

Hempel Service puts our unique coating expertise at the heart of the coating process, with coating advisors supporting and managing coating selection, application and maintenance in the most cost-efficient way to maximise the effectiveness and durability of every protective coating.

Why use Hempel Service?
  • Reduce application costs
  • Reduce lost revenue from asset downtime
  • Avoid delays and penalty costs


Hempel pushes fuel efficiency boundaries with new Hempaguard MaX coating system

Today, leading global coatings manufacturer Hempel has launched an innovative new fouling defence system – Hempaguard MaX. This unique three-coat system provides vessels with a smoother hull. It reduces drag and results in significantly lower fuel requirements, and will deliver a guaranteed maximum speed loss* of 1.2 percent over five years.


The Hempaguard MaX system is applied in just three layers, meaning it can be applied more quickly, reducing time in dry dock by up to two days. The combined savings generated by Hempaguard MaX through reduced time in dry dock and increased fuel savings could payback the cost of the coating within three months**. With these exceptional out of dock fuel savings and full operational flexibility – Hempaguard MaX maximises efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Speaking at today’s launch in London, Hempel’s Head of Marine Group Product Management, Davide Ippolito, said:

“The high level of fuel savings and hull protection are achieved due to the low average hull roughness (AHR) level delivered by the whole coating system, very low speed loss* over the entire operational period and improved anticorrosive capabilities.”

“Hempaguard MaX is the next logical step for shipowners and operators seeking to maximise their efficiency and reduce associated CO2 emissions. At a time where marginal gains are of importance and environmental regulations are becoming stricter, the choice of hull coating can make a significant difference.”

About the three-coat system technology
Hempel’s new system builds on the overwhelming success of its flagship hull coating Hempaguard X7. Since its launch in 2013, this coating has been applied to over 1500 vessels allowing those owners to collectively reduce their annual bunker bill by a staggering USD 500 million and over 10 million tonnes in CO2 emissions.

The strength of Hempaguard MaX is its ability to successfully exploit the synergies between its three different layers: Hempaprime Immerse 900, tie-coat Nexus II, and Hempaguard X8.

The top coat Hempaguard X8, driving the exceptional antifouling performance, is built on Hempel’s enhanced patented Actiguard® technology. This unique coating combines the smoothness of a silicone coating with an improved hydrogel microlayer and active ingredient to provide outstanding antifouling performance, full operational flexibility and smooth hull.

Hempaprime Immerse 900 and Nexus II contribute significantly to Hempaguard MaX’s low AHR. A smoother hull delivers less drag and improved fuel efficiency from day one.

Hempaprime Immerse 900 is an anticorrosive primer that can be applied in one coat, while Nexus II is a next generation tie-coat technology with improved anticorrosive capabilities. Together, they provide the same protection delivered by two standard maintenance epoxy coats, reduce time in the dock for faster return to service and ultimately save money for the shipowner and operators.

The new three-coat Hempaguard MaX system used together with SHAPE, Hempel’s System for Hull and Propeller Efficiency, is now the new peak for fuel efficiency available to commercial shipowners and operators.

Hempaguard MaX at a glance:
- Powerful advanced fouling defence coating system with increased smoothness
- Low Average Hull Roughness (AHR) driven by the whole coating system – improving fuel efficiency
- 1.2 per cent maximum guaranteed speed loss* over five years
- Enhanced anti-corrosive capabilities
- Three coat system that saves up to two days in dock – saving time and money.
- Improved idle time antifouling guarantee of 120 days

Actiguard Technology:
A ground-breaking technology that integrates, in a single coating, silicone-hydrogel and great control of biocide diffusion.
Read more here.

* Speed loss: If a vessel’s main engine is set at a certain power output, it will propel the ship through the water at a certain speed. Over time, fouling accumulation will increase drag and cause the speed of the ship to reduce even if the main engine power output remains constant. This reduction in speed is termed “speed loss”.

** Based on a VLCC with activity level of 70 per cent and burning low sulphur fuel costing 35 per cent more than standard bunker fuel over a five-year life cycle. Hempaguard MaX system delivers an annual saving of around USD 1.8 million compared to a market average antifouling. This equates to a ROI (return on investment) of three months.
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