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051 424427
Kees Hoogeboom
Brandon View
St Mullins
County Co Carlow

About Eyeleds

Impress yourself with Eyeleds®

Eyeleds® is a breakthrough in modern (floor) lighting and has become a worldwide definition in a short period of time. Why? Because these ultra-slim patented LED lights with a built-in depth of just 6,5mm offers revolutionary possibilities for everyone wanting to be creative with light. Eyeleds® breaks through traditions: no longer just the electrician but for example also flooring installers, interior builders and even the average do-it-yourselfer are now able to install and enjoy this innovative lighting. The Eyeleds® assortment is many-sided and offers a solution for every individual need of lighting.

With the introduction of the Eyeleds® PowerEYE®, Eyeleds® has made a great step towards a functional application of LED lighting. At last the Eyeleds® ColorEYE® RGB (colour changing) systems complete the assortment and with that we are proud to say that with Eyeleds® you are able to discover the limitations of your own fantasy!

High Quality

The quality of Eyeleds® is of an unprecedented level. This is not only a assertion: Eyeleds® is approved to the highest safety and quality standards of the official KEMA/VDE test institutes and is produced in ISO approved workshops based in The Netherlands. All Eyeleds® products are provided with solid stainless steel and UV resistant materials which protect the ultra-modern SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LED technology. This miniaturized SMD technology enables a fixture construction with a limited built-in depth of just 6,5mm. Moreover this quality light source offers a spectacular lifespan of 50.000h (PowerEYE®) up to 100.000h (other Eyeleds® systems): in other words over 11 years of continued use!

All Eyeleds® products come with a warranty period of 3 years.

Eyeleds® is economical in use

The LED technology makes Eyeleds® extremely economical in use. When for example the 0.3W round model would be switched on 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, it would consume energy which equals to a yearly cost of 0.50 Eurocent. This advantage makes Eyeleds® perfectly suitable for permanent safety and orientation light applications. In addition, due to this low current strength Eyeleds® won’t become hot and can always be touched by bare hands or feet.

Examples of our Products

Eyeleds® Indoor

Eyeleds ImageEyeleds Image

Tiles & natural stoneWood
Eyeleds ImageEyeleds Image

Eyeleds® ColorEYE®

Choose the colour matching your mood!
By means of RGB lighting technology, ColorEYE® enables you to create any colour you like – for example matching the colours of your house style. The ColorEYE® series offer the same advantages as all regular Eyeleds series. The main difference is the RGB lighting technology – based on the primary colours Red, Green and Blue. By mixing these primary colours, virtually any other colour can be created. The Eyeleds® ColorEYE® series is available in two different configurations: ColorEYE® CS and ColorEYE® Pro.

Advantages of Eyeleds® ColorEYE®:
- IP67 protection against dust and moisture;
- energy saving (ColorEYE CS 0,42W and ColorEYE Pro 0,8W);
- extreme long lifespan up to 100.000 hours;
- minimal heat development;
- UV resistant materials
- easy installation and a wide variety of applications due to an extremely low build-in depth of just 6,5mm.

Eyeleds ColorEYE® is available in two models: ColorEYE® CS (“Color Stop”) and ColorEYE® Pro (“Programmable”).

ColorEYE® Models

Eyeleds ImageEyeleds ImageEyeleds Image

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