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About John Donnelly Purchasing Consultant Ltd

We conduct IN-COMPANY Purchasing & Waste Management Training and Evaluations. Over 6000 construction professionals - Engineers, Site Managers, Directors, Buyers, Quantity Surveyors etc, have participated in these training and consultancy briefings-all bringing added value to the profitability of our clients.

Our client base in Ireland alone includes over 60% of the total value of the Irish construction industry presently valued at €36 Billion. Satisfied clients include the majority of the top fifty Irish construction companies.

Waste Management
  • Visit sites at two locations of your choice.

  • Conduct waste awareness assessment of key site staff.

  • Carry out a waste survey.

  • Advise on recycling and waste streaming options.

  • Take photographs, develop and produce relevant report on waste on each site.

  • Propose waste prevention & minimisation process for your company.

  • Establish waste skip ratio - i.e cost of waste as a percentage of project value.

(Best practice in Ireland is actually almost zero our clients have succeeded in almost eradicating all waste related costs).

Many other companies struggle to minimise such costs and are paying up to 1% of their contract values on waste disposal. Additional costs would be paid for actual waste of materials and the attendant labour and equipment cost in handling waste etc.

Many of our clients have succeeded in reducing waste by a minimum of 40% whilst others are more exceptional as in the case of the zero rating waste costs example.
  • Provision of waste management monitoring documents for each site to enable sites to track waste.

  • Provision of full waste management report detailing potential benefits to your company.

  • Photographs with comments on the condition of each site would follow.

Upon agreement of date to the visit sites to carry out the Construction Waste assessment/training we can then proceed with the second phase, which would involve the evaluation of the Purchasing procedure at your company. Details to be covered in a one-day Purchasing assessment visit are not limited to the following - The Purchasing evaluation would deal with:
  • Process evaluation - How you conduct your buying.

  • Price comparison - How effective/competitive are your buying prices for materials.

  • Forms and records - How useful are your existing forms and records in the area of Purchasing Management.

  • Overview of your requisition system.

  • Overview of the Purchasing reporting system in place.

  • Supplier management procedures. Documentation control.

  • Order placement authorisation. Product/Technical information systems.

  • The link between Purchasing and other departments.

And finally your company will receive a 35 point BENCHMARK evaluation of the complete Materials, Site & Purchasing Process, which will indicate how effective your overall operation is compared to best practice.

A full questionnaire would be issued in advance of the Purchasing evaluation to enable Purchasing staff to prepare to have documents ready and available for the visit thus maximising use of time.

The third phase would involve the IN-COMPANY training of all site staff in Construction Waste Training. This is based on the full findings arising from the various visits to the construction sites and the evaluation of the Purchasing process in as far as it impacts on them and the profitability at your company.

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