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Dan Thomas
25a Vicarage Hill
Lower Bourne
GU10 3QS

About Sound Planning Ltd

Sound Planning Ltd is a noise and vibration consultancy based in Farnham predominantly serving London and the South East.

Sound Planning is a team of noise consultants and acoustic engineers specialising in environmental and industrial noise assessments for local planning authorities (LPAs).

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Each noise assessment will be undertaken by fully qualified acoustic engineers, adhering to the relevant British Standard or guidance from the Local Planning Authority i.e. BS 8233, BS 4142, BS 5228 etc.

Sound Planning issues a comprehensive acoustic report, analysing any environmental noise problem and formulating a viable noise-mitigation strategy when required.

Sound Planning conducts the following type of noise assessment:
  • BS 8233 - Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings
  • BS 4142 - Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas
  • BS 5228 - Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites
  • BS 6472 - Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings
  • Noise at work - The Control of Noise at Work Regulations
  • Entertainment Noise - Noise from Pubs, Clubs and Events
  • Part E Noise Tests - Internal Noise Tests for Building Control

Our consultancy team’s primary service is the evaluation of new noise sources for planning applications; Sound Planning engineers conduct background noise assessments; model noise emissions from plant/equipment such as air source heat pumps, external condenser units, air conditioning systems, chiller units, generators, wind turbines, biogas (AD) plant, CHP systems etc. And then submit an acoustic report including noise mitigation strategies to local planning authorities. The British Standard used to assess these noise sources is usually BS 4142: 2014 or a local planning derivative.

Sound Planning Ltd has also conducted noise assessment of clay pigeon shooting; skate board parks; entertainment noise (night club, venue, event noise); garages; workshops; karting venues; breakers yards, leisure complexes (football, hockey, multi-sports Astroturf), etc.

Other consultancy works include the assessment of new dwellings near sources of noise, i.e. Road, Rail, Air or Industrial; noise insulation scheme design/specification (BS 8233: 2014); and vibration consultancy evaluating human response to vibration BS 6472 and/or structural response BS 7385.

Sound Planning Ltd has Type 1 real time octave and one third octave analysis sound level meters and tri-axial accelerometers available for all types of noise and vibration problems and assessments.

Sound Planning offers a complete service, liaising with environmental health and planning officers on the client’s behalf; conducting all background noise assessments and noise calculations; and including viable noise mitigation strategies in all reports.

Contact us on 01252 711 972 or visit our website for more information.


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