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Shamrock Solar Energies Ltd

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Fergus Blake
Doora Industrial Estate
County Clare

About Shamrock Solar Energies Ltd

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Shamrock Solar have 9 years experience with installing and providing renewable energy solutions to customers and commercial sites in Ireland.

Renewable Energy is sustainable and will leave clean air and clean energy to our children.

Solar Heating, out of the Shadows?

Solar Thermal for hot water is a proven technology.
Reliable and efficient it is one of the most cost effective ways of reducing fossil fuel use, directly replacing gas or fuel oil in most households.

Yet despite this it continues to suffer from a range of misunderstanding and frequent confusion.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Our heat pump system is a new system that harnesses energy from the ground through specially developed pipe systems using special liquids.

Through compression heat pumps can pump up heat at a low temperature and release it at a higher temperature so that it can be used for heating requirements. This is one of the most cost effective heating technologies.

The ground is used as a heat source by laying pipes into the soil and filling them with liquids. The liquids transport the heat of the ground into the heat pump.

While heat pumps may be more expensive to install initially, their energy efficiency allows you to recoup the cost in a few years. Heat pumps require very little maintenance.

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Wood Pellet Stoves

A pellet is a cylinder measuring 6/8 mm in diameter, with a variable length from 5-30mm. Pellets are made by subjecting sawdust and top quality wood to high pressure. This fuels small size means that packaging and storage innovations are also possible. They are used for heating water, radiators, heating just a room, conservatory, or your whole house. The pellets provide a great clean heat source and are carbon neutral.

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