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Bright Star Marketing, Ireland

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Ann Sheehy
Tir na Nean
County Co Cavan

About Bright Star Marketing, Ireland

Bright Star Marketing specialises in the provision of outsourced marketing management and support services for companies without an internal Marketing department or where additional marketing resources are required on a permanent or temporary basis. In many cases business owners and managers have great ideas for promoting their businesses but lack the uninterrupted time to carry these ideas to fruition. Bright Star Marketing fills this gap.

Outsourcing the marketing function, either wholly or partially, provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for many businesses.  Our clients find that they gain a higher level of expertise and experience than might otherwise have been afforded and Bright Star’s policy of total client involvement in all decisions provides them with the comfort of retaining ownership of their marketing.

Bright Star serves clients throughout the island of Ireland and represents a broad range of business interests  including amongst others property and construction, professional services and retail.
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