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Daniel Keane Architectural Technologists

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Dan Keane
20 Church Street
County Laois
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09:00 am-05:00 pm
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Closed 1-2pm Monday to Friday.
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About Daniel Keane Architectural Technologists

It is our aim to provide a sound professional service to all of our clientele.
We believe that no job is too small to lack professional attention.

To date, we have managed to sustain a personal involvement in all projects entrusted to us. We strongly believe that the best way to reciprocate the trust shown by employing our services is to in return deliver to the best of our capabilities. A well-designed building is not something an architectural technologist can generate on his/her own. It requires the active participation of a responsive client and an array of specialised skills brought to the project in the form of an appropriate team of consultants. A well-designed building cannot be achieved without immense effort and commitment from all of the members of the team.

The collaboration of a sympathetic and responsive team makes all the difference. It is the architectural technologist’s talent and vision that allows the team to do their best work for the owner and the general public. Ultimately time, space and money, are the variables that we as a team manipulate on a daily basis. Naturally, the owner is a key figure within the context of the team. In summary, each project offers limitations and opportunities. It is always our intention and responsibility to create the most lyrical and elegant solution possible within the constraints of our available resources. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to be of service.

Ten years as an architectural technologist, with experience of both large and small architectural projects.

The office portfolio of completed projects is growing, with many projects now constructed/at advanced design stage. The completion of Graigavern Lodge remains the largest completed job to date.

The practice also specialises in individual residential design with bespoke ‘one-off’ house designs. The demands of meeting the needs of planning guidelines and the particular client requirements makes new dwellings a particular challenge.

The goal of the practice is to provide the highest standard of architectural services, both in terms of design and the quality of execution on site.

The quality of architectural drawings as produced by the practice and the quality of completed buildings should reflect the practice ethos.

At Daniel P. Keane we offer a full array of Architectural Services. These extend from:

Percolation Tests
Planning Application
Compliance Certification
Condition Report Surveys
Land Registry Mapping
Snag Lists
Exemption Certificates
Fire Safety Certificates Applications
Building Surveys
Land Surveys
Condition Reports
Building Energy Rating Certificates

All our projects have one thing in common - they are very important to our clients, to those who will use the buildings, and to the environment in which they are situated. We are very aware of our responsibilities and strive for excellence in every facet of our service.


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Domestic architectural projects

Industrial architectural projects

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Fire Safety Certificate & Disabled Access Certifiate

Commercial architectural projects

Snag Lists

Land Surveyors

Building Surveyors

BER Services

EPC Services

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