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Acra Screed Ltd

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Helen Owen
Pendle View Farm
County North Yorkshire
BD23 4SJ
England UK

About Acra Screed Ltd

Home of the Award winning Adjustable Screed Rail System for Professional Concrete Placement.


If your looking for an Adjustable Screed Rail System that can be set up to within Half a millimetre and is suitable for level floors or floors with multiple cross falls you have come to the right place.

Acra Screed will not be pushed over when pumping and covers concrete depths from 50mm to 1.6 meters.

Used by professional flooring companies throughout the globe, Acra Screed is the most accurate screed rail system in the world, achieving results once thought impossible.

Acra Screeds - Screed Rail Systems are simple to use and fast to set up and most importantly they give you the finished result you and your customer are looking for.

We have a number of Adjustable Screed Rails available to meet specific site requirements

The Acra Screed Range Includes
  • Acra Screed Ground System
  • Base Block System Screed Rail.

    Acra Screed the most precise concrete screed rail system in the world. Outstanding Accuracy - Acra Screed can be set to within half a millimetre of accuracy and is used for many high tolerance floors. Acra Screed is not limited to level floors - the system also caters for multiple cross floor slabs.

  • Acradeck - Metal Decking
  • Acradeck is a Screed Rail System For Metal Decking

    Our customers report that Acradeck is producing fantastic levels for them on sites throughout the country. Acradeck is a screed rail system for metal decking and is available in various profiles. The most popular profiles are stocked, with other profiles made to order.

  • Acra Plug - Drill in Screed Rail
  • Acraplug is used for structural toppings, refurbishment of existing concrete and as a screed rail system for hollow core.

    There are two sizes of Plug available:
    • The small plug is used for toppings of 75mm or less.
    • The large plug is used for slab depths greater than 75mm.

    The plugs are spaced at 1 meter intervals and drilled into the existing concrete. The small plug requires a 12mm hole and the large plug requires a 22mm hole.

    Drilling lots of holes?
    You need FrankinDrill, developed by Acra Screed for the Acraplug system.
    Frankindrill gives you that essential extra pair of hands, taking care of vibration problems, increasing productivity and generally making life a whole lot easier.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - Acra Screed is Quality.
Initially Acra Screed was invented for pouring mass areas with a Power Screed. However one of the systems biggest advantages has turned out to be Acra Screed’s Accuracy and it is now noted as the most Accurate Screed Rail System in the world.



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