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About Vorax Stretch Ceilings

Give space to your creativity and make even your most ambitious projects reality with VORAX Stretch Ceiling System.

Our complete system provides you with all of the necessary components and services to be able to realise even the most ambitious and creative ceiling designs – from spectacularly large and impressive surfaces to round, organic shapes.

Vorax provide a professional standard of workmanship using our experienced team of tradesmen. Our prices are very competitive without compromising on quality.
  • Translucent Ceilings - Vorax Stretch Ceiling System membrane is designed to give you more colour depth and light control with LED backlighting. Our translucent stretch ceiling system transform an ordinary ceiling into a spectacular light display.

  • Ceiling Profiles - We use specially designed aluminum or plastic semi-concealed profile systems that allow us to create flat ceilings as well as curves, domes, vaults, and many other shapes.

  • 3D Perforation - Progress does not stand still; today we are glad to introduce you another new product - "Art 3D perforation." This is really eye-catching technology comes in numerous attractive, unusual, interesting and surprising designs that can make them look impressive and more visible, adding eye-catching centrepieces to accent walls and accentuates room design.

  • Multi-level Ceilings - VORAX Stretch ceiling can be single or multi-level. Multi-level ceilings created by combining different colours and textures of membranes, and on many levels there are no restrictions.

  • Printed Stretch Ceilings - It’s a bargain! It is relatively inexpensive considering the practical aspects of the product: There is no paint, no smell and it’s quick to install – it is easy to put up and take down without dislodging dust or furniture!

  • Acoustic Ceilings - Vorax stretch ceiling system consists of a patented micro perforated membrane stretched by itself or over an acoustical core. This micro perforated membrane is perfect for high acoustical absorption for ceiling or wall applications.

  • Curved Ceilings - With the flexible stretch membrane we are able to create any size curved wall panels with different shapes, columns and ceilings. With the print, backlighting or solid flat finishes.

  • Swimming Pool Ceilings - Vorax Stretch Ceiling Systems are great for use in the Swimming Pool and SPA Rooms. Never need painting, and stains can be wiped off with case. Moisture proof and will not rot or rust.

  • Star Sky Ceilings - Modern design technologies in translucent stretch ceilings together with unique light solutions realized by means of optical fibers with different sections allow the achievement of the unique decorative illumination in your interior. One of them is a stretch ceiling "Star sky".

  • Canopies - Suspended canopies with lightweight sculptural stretch fabric. Excellent for light diffusion and acoustics. Add some WOW to your space with Infusions suspended stretch canopies.

  • Frameless Ceilings - Create stunning ceiling installations and attractive backdrops with FRAMELESS Stretch ceiling membrane . Achieve brilliant effects by illuminating panels with LED floodlights or install them in areas with natural light as bold stand-alone pieces.

  • Parallax Prints - Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines.
Our aim has always been, at no extra cost, to help you realize the result you desire, recommending new products and designs that conform most closely to your needs, your tastes, your lifestyle your budget.

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