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County Co Mayo

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Hazelmill Stone Ltd

Hazelmill Stone Ltd is one of Ireland's leading manufacturers of stone cladding.

We supply stone facing products such as limestone cladding and sandstone cladding, right here in the west of Ireland.

Our product is unique in design, specifically formulated and handcrafted to capture the look, feel, texture and durability of natural stone.

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Hazelmill Stone is surprisingly cost-effective, and this beautiful stone is lightweight and installer friendly, requiring no structural footing and can be applied over any sound surface. It's fire resistant and virtually maintenance free, and continues to look great for years to come. It can be used for both interior and exterior work.

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Step 1
Ensure wall surface is free from dirt, paint or grease. If necessary, roughen wall and apply motar on the wall for better gripping. Apply tile adhesive on the entire back side of the stone. Avoid cement stain on stone surface by using tools, instead of bare hands.

Step 2
Always start with corner component before laying the flat component. Start from one end and work towards the other. Press each stone firmly into the mortar bed in a sliding motion. Ensure that individual stones are placed as closely as possible, creating uniform joints between them.

Step 3
For random series with gaps, fill the joints with colour grout using a grout bag. Better results can be archived by selecting color grouts which are similar in colour with the stone. It is recommended to use a trowel to achieve a smooth and even finishing of colour grout inside the joints.

Step 4
Before the grout hardens, use a stiff brush or wooden racking tool to remove excess grout or mortar from the surface of the stone. You may also use a wet brush to brush away small cement stains that are left behind.

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