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NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd

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George Konstantinidis
9 Culley Court
Orton Southgate
County Peterborough

About NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd

NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd is the Exclusive Distributor for UK & Ireland of all the product lines of NanoPhos SA. Nanophos SA is an EU Company that invents clever materials that solve every day problems.

We want to see innovations out of the lab and into the hands of consumers. Our vision is clear: ''Tune the nanoworld to serve the macroworld'' - in simple terms make nanoparticles serve the needs of people.
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Nano- Tech Cover England, Scotland & Wales

Here are some of the products we supply...

NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd ImageSurfapore C
Nanotechnology for cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stones.
  • Waterproofing and water repellent for concrete and cement surfaces
  • Natural or Artificial stone, render, grout, stucco
  • Can also be mixed in mortars, water based, low voc
NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd ImageSurfapore R
Nanotechnology for any clay based surfaces such as roof tiles, cotto and pottery.
  • Water repellent for clay surfaces, such as bricks, roof tiles, pottery and any clay surface.
  • It prevents humidity surface corrosion, white spots and efflorescence.
NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd ImageSurfapore T
Nanotechnology for protecting marble, granite and porcelain surfaces from staining.
NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd ImageSurfapore W
Water repellent for protecting wooden surfaces. Protect your wooden surfaces from the disastrous effects that water can have without changing the natural look.
NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd ImageDeSalin C
Cleaning & restoration of cement, stone and clay-based surfaces.
NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd ImageDeSalin K
Cleaning & restoration for cement & paint residues.
NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd ImageDeSalin T
Cleaning & restoration of sensitive surfaces from stains.

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