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01926 485507
Mr Marcus Davis
Holly Farm Business Park
County Warwickshire
England UK
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About ASL

ASL is a geo-environmental consultancy offering a comprehensive range of geo-environmental services to support the acquisition and development of land in the UK. We aim to provide site purchasers, vendors and property developers with the information necessary to assist with property valuations and development by cost effective mitigation of geo-environmental issues.

ASL’s experience within the geo-environmental field ranges from some of the largest and most prestigious development projects in the UK to projects for local house builders and small businesses. ASL currently provides geo-environmental services to a diverse range of clients including residential and commercial developers, funding institutions, architects, landowners, property managers, land agents, structural and civil engineers and sports associations.

  • Site Investigations
  • In property development all the risk is in the ground. ASL has extensive experience in site investigations to assess those risks and provide cost effective solutions to manage and mitigate any identified hazards.

  • Contaminated Land Risk
  • ASL has extensive experience in contaminated land risk assessment on a wide range of contaminated land sites including petrol filling stations, former gas works, scrap yards, engineering works, power stations, ordnance and battery manufacturing plants and railway land. We continually conduct research into new investigation and remediation techniques and current legislation to ensure that the advice we provide is the best available.

  • Geotechnics
  • ASL offers a full range of geotechnical investigation and assessment services including the determination of design parameters for the following:
    • Traditional foundations
    • Piled foundations
    • Raft Foundations
    • Ground improvement solutions
    • Earthworks specification and validation
    • Road pavement construction
    • Floor slab construction
    • Basement construction
    • Sustainable urban drainage solutions
    • Temporary works eg pile mats, crane bases

  • Gas Protection
  • ASL site investigation works include monitoring for the presence of ground gases that may pose a risk to human health within the completed development. Where such risks are identified, generally in the form of elevated concentrations of methane or carbon dioxide, gas protection measures are required. ASL provides recommendations for suitable gas protection measures based on the monitoring results. This can include specification of gas resistant membranes and design of subfloor venting.


Former Munitions Manufacturing Site

ASL operated as geo-environmental consultants for the one of the largest brownfield developments in the UK. The site comprised some 38 hectares of brownfield land set in the industrial heartland of the UK with an industrial history of over 150 years in metals engineering and munitions manufacture. ASL’s role of the project included the following:

• Regular liaison with project managers and the design team
• Phase I site assessment to review of historical data, the site’s environmental setting and land uses
• Liaison with specialist contractors to address actual and potential ordnance risks
• Site wide intrusive investigation (Approx 1000 exploratory locations)
• Design of chemical testing regime to characterise the site conditions and investigate potential contamination issues
• Interpretation and assessment of results for both contamination and geotechnical issues
• Oversee remediation works completed by contractors involving excavation for off site disposal and insitu techniques such as ‘pump and treat’, free phase skimming and insitu bioremediation.
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