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The Intelligent Heating Company

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Chris Freeney
Unit B3 Canal Bank
Hume Avenue
Parkwest Industrial Park
County Dublin 12

About The Intelligent Heating Company

The Intelligent Heating Company (IHC°) was started in October 2008 when we researched a controllable heating system to add to the portfolio of our existing Home Automation business. We wanted to find a product that addressed the shortcomings of the current heating systems on offer. The brief was simple: the product needed to be affordable, easy to use, easy to install and cost effective to run.

What we found was Farho radiators.

Guaranteed for 10 years and with over 30 years experience, Farho have sold millions of units of their product in Europe.

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The cost of purchasing and installing a traditional 'wet' (gas or oil) central heating in a 3 bedroom semi-detached family home is typically between €10K and €12K. The cost of purchasing and installing our system is typically €5K-€6K. Add to this the cost of servicing a boiler and it could take up to ten years to recoup the cost of a 'wet system', if gas or oil prices remain the same.
The nature of our product offers you flexible purchasing power, giving you control and peace of mind because the radiators can be added to at any time with the minimum amount of fuss, so whether you need to boost your existing central heating and buy the units individually, or install a complete solution, the control over what you spend is yours.

Easy to use
The radiators are made from lightweight and maintenance free aluminium. The main difference between the ranges is that it can be controlled centrally by a wall-mounted pilot wire programmer, or using the XP range and the 'LIFE CONTROL' system, you can control each individual radiator/room/zone in a very easy way without wires. You can even control the system from your mobile phone. You can also limit the amount of power used in the heating system and you can programme the system on a weekly basis to suit the different parts of the house. more....

Cost effective to run
FARHO gives more heat than any other product on the market. Each fin has an electrical consumption of 110w per hour and at the same time the heat output is of 175w per hour. The secret lies in the patented way the radiators are manufactured. This process allows for the rads to make a thermal jump of 60ºC thus giving a heat output of 175 w per hour per fin. (Technical Data Sheet, available on request) The unit has a number of key features that make it so efficient. The unit is filled with a heat retaining fluid that heats fast and cools very slowly, therefore the system does not need to be on all the time to give heat. Also the unit monitors itself and the surroundings and controls the temperature and electricity it requires. more....

Easy to install (Low Disruption)
The units are quick and easy to install as they require only a fused spur. The element on the bottom of the radiator is double insulated, allowing the unit to be installed on a ring without earth. This means that a qualified electrician can install the unit in typically under 30 mins (depending on existing infrastructure). With no pipes and no boiler comes low disruption, no floors needing to be taken up or major redecorating to be carried out after the install, all of which saves you money. If in the unlikely event a unit fails the disruption is minimised by the fact the remaining units will continue to function and the faulty unit can be replaced in the time it takes to remove the old unit and rewire the new one. more....

Environment & New Building Regulations
The reality is that fossil fuel reserves are finite and are being consumed at an ever increasing rate and as they become scarcer, prices will continue to rise, a fact that we have been witness to this year. In our modern world everything in our homes and businesses uses electricity. It is hard to imagine electricity becoming obsolete in our generation. How it is produced may change but the supply will continue. Farho radiators run on any supply of electricity however it is produced. According to Building Regulations Part L, it is no longer acceptable to control the whole house from a single temperature controller, (single zone) or to heat the whole house all day while many rooms are not in use. more....

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