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023 80740754
Kingfisher House
Rownhams Lane
County Hampshire
SO52 9LP

About Euro Air UK

Euro Air has been manufacturing fabric ducting systems for over 16 years and have supplied some 30,000 systems worldwide.

We have a reputation for quality and innovation, we will readily tackle most projects and advise if we think an application may not be suitable.

At Euro Air we are dedicated towards producing good indoor climates.

With our expertise we can create appropriate air conditions for all kinds of applications, whether they are work or leisure based. We treat each new project as a unique individual application & our flexible approach means we are happy to create & deliver a unique solution for each and every application.

Euro Air systems also boast an enviously comfortable noise performance & are fast and simple to install & maintain. When you choose to work with Euro Air you can rely on a good service & good quality, from design & construction quality to installation & maintenance information.

EuroAir Products

If you would like a good and healthy working environment without any draught problems, Euro Air fabric ducting is the natural choice.

We offer an economical, flexible, aesthetic and practical solution compared to traditional steel ducting solutions.

Advantages over steel ducting
  • A draught-free environment with unbeatable air distribution.
  • Low costs, the costs for a fabric system is normally lower than for a rigid duct system.
  • Reduced installation costs - up to 30% of the time for a similar steel solution.
  • Taking up a very moderate volume when shipped or stored at the construction site.
  • Textile outlets can be mounted where conventional ducting is not possible, for example in tents or other applications where the need for an ultra lightweight solution exists.
  • Flexible ducts made in accordance to your specifications. We are not afraid of challenges - call us if you have a job that demands creativity.
  • Hygienically speaking, Euro Air fabric ducts are unbeatable. No absorption of moisture occurs, and the ducts help by filtering the supply air.
  • Euro Air fabric ducts are easy to dismount and machine wash.
  • There is no risk of condensation on the ducts, even in environments with a high relative humidity, or where air is supplied below dew point.
  • Euro Air fabric ducts are available in 4 standard colours. Non standard colours are available for most RAL designations.
  • Fabric ducts can be easily maneuvered when servicing other equipment for example conveyor belts, or machines mounted beneath the ducts.

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Euro Air UK
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