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Mr John Mason
69 Derby Road
County Cheshire

About Contract Dispute Solutions Ltd

Contract Dispute Solutions Limited provides a blend of proactive Construction Contract dispute resolution, adjudication, avoidance, arbitration, claims, and mediation solutions to the global construction and development sector of the world wide economy.
Dispute Management
It is a matter of fact that on any construction or development project that disputes can materialise. Indeed many would argue that the standard, construction contract model encourages variations, design changes and provide for claims for an extension to the completion date and the payment of additional monies. What is more is that the timing of decisions or instructions may impact on progress and costs. The evaluation of the impact of those decisions and instructions, and subsequent claims for additional time and monies often result in a dispute. It is critical that when any dispute starts to evolve or eventually crystallises that appropriate strategies are adopted to either maximise the contractual entitlement or defend any claim that is made.

A key part of the strategy will be the overall dispute management. Many of our clients do not have the time or specific expertise to overall manage the complexities of a typical dispute and often engage our services to manage the dispute so that the time of its managers and staff can be better focused on doing what they do best, which is managing and carrying out the daily business activities.

Contract Dispute Solutions has extensive and invaluable experience in managing disputes. Our blend of commercial and professional contract skills enables us to put in place appropriate strategies and drive those strategies through to a solution that best fits our Clients needs in all the circumstances.

The extensive and invaluable experience is also used to facilitate and act as a conduit between all Parties that form part of the dispute management team, both representing our client and the opposing party, including in-house or external lawyers or finance directors.

Our focus is to use our professional skills and experience to provide proactive dispute management which enables our clients to benefit from a professional blend which will lead to proactive solutions.

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and is encouraged by the courts so that the parties can attempt to settle matters in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Mediation Advantages:
  • It is a confidential process by agreement.
  • It is non-binding unless an agreement is reduced to writing and as such a decision or Judgment is not thrust upon the Parties.
  • It has an informal process that either party can discretely attempt to influence.
  • It is not adversarial but evidence and the skills of the mediator can be used in a persuasive manner.
  • The possibility of maintaining business and personal relationships is far greater than other formal proceedings.
  • It gives the Parties a better chance of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of its own position and that of the other side.
  • Usually the mediation will take place over a single day with perhaps say two or three days preparation beforehand for the Parties and the Mediator.
  • The overall cost of the mediation process is far less than other formal proceedings.
  • As high as 85% of disputes that use mediation settle, if not on the day then shortly afterwards.
  • The scope for the shape and nature of any agreement is far reaching and may sit outside the normal contract remedies.
If your organisation is in dispute why not consider the mediation process and attempt to settle matters amicably and take advantage of what mediation has to offer. Contract Dispute Solutions Limited has extensive and invaluable experience in advising on the appropriate strategy and supporting our clients through the mediation process.

Dispute Avoidance
Contract Dispute Solutions has extensive and invaluable experience in advising on appropriate strategies to assist in avoiding disputes.

Expert View:
'Transparency throughout the entire contract process saves time, boosts profit and assists in avoiding disputes.'
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