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Are you tasked to save money?

Does your company want to reduce its carbon footprint?

Excel Polythene proudly presents an excellent opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Excelothene is our new, highly evolved packaging film. It has a proven track record of savings of 20% and above. It will also reduce the waste your company produces.....sometimes it pays to be green!

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Case Study One
Our customer in the automotive industry was spending over £50,000 a year on a variety of polythene packaging. As we know we are all working through very tough business circumstances and our customer was tasked to save 20% of his entire packaging budget! Where could he start? How could he get anywhere near his savings target when raw material prices were actually going up? He approached Excel for help and we didn’t hesitate: Excelothene is the answer!! Of course the customer was initially skeptical, but, once he’d seen the product and seen the prices the decision was an easy one!

Is he happy?
''Excelothene is fantastic, I didn’t believe the claims at first, I thought I’d heard it all before, but now I’m converted! I’m paying 25% less across the board and getting a better product!''

Excelothene Ltd ImageExcelothene Ltd Image

Case Study Two
Our customer is in the furniture trade, selling extremely high quality furniture directly to end users. The marketing department was keen to improve their green credentials and the buyer approached Excel for a solution. His problem was a tricky one. How could he reduce the amount of packaging without compromising the protection needed for the high end sofas? Excelothene is the answer!! We designed and trialled a product with a proven track record and the results were astounding. Not only did the product work and meet the marketing also saved him money!

Are they happy?
"I couldn’t believe it, to say I needed convincing is an understatement. Knowing our customers and how fussy they can be I was sure we’d get complaints and returns, but I can honestly say we have absolutely no negative feed back from the people that count - our customers. Oh....and I’ve saved the company money in the process!"

One solution, two that doesn’t happen very often!

Excelothene Ltd ImageExcelothene Ltd Image
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